B & B Racing Chassis All-Star Invitational eligible drivers

BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 1, 2023) – These IMCA Sunoco Stock Car drivers are eligible to qualify for the B & B Racing Chassis All-Star Invitational.

Qualifying will be Wednesday, Sept. 6 during the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s at Boone Speedway with the All-Star Invitational on Thursday, Sept. 7. Drivers who have won sanctioned events paying $5,000 or more and are guaranteed starting spots if competing at Super Nationals are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Any driver(s) who believe they should be qualifying eligible MUST contact Bill Martin at the IMCA office today (Friday) at 319 472-2201 or by email at bmartin@imca.com.

Dean Abbey

*Jeffrey Abbey

Mike Albertsen

D.J. Banks

Travis Barker

Jason Batt

*Brandon Beckendorf

Tom Berry Jr.

David Brandies

Randy Brands

Tathan Burkhart

Troy Burkhart

Steffan Carey

Jeremy Christians

Blake Clark

Tim Clonch

Cameron Cook

Alex Crapser

Eric Cross

Steven Daffern

Zane DeVilbiss

G.W. Egbert IV

Justin Erickson

Tommy Fain

Grey Ferrando

Brian Fitzgibbons

Jerry Flippo

Dalton Flory

Troy Foulger

Kyle Frederick

George Fronsman

Tyler Frye

Todd Gereau 

Adam Goff

Jesse Gonzalez

Jason Gore

*Jordan Grabouski

Trent Grager

Matt Guillaume

Michael Hale

Ed Henderson

Miciah Hidlebaugh

Ray Hoedebeck

Jim Horejsi

*Troy Jerovetz

Aaron Johnson

Steven Johnson

Lee Kinsella

Luke Krogh

Brendon LaBatte

Matthew Lance

Jeffrey Larson

Dillon Lawrence

Luke Lemmens

Patrick Linn

Justin Luinenburg

Jake McBirnie

Christopher McCurdy Jr.

Brandon McElroy

Dan Mackenthun

Zach Madrid

Cole Mather

Austin Meiners

Jeremy Mills

Jeff Mueller

*Mike Mullen

Gregory Muirhead

David Murray

*Dallon Murty

Damon Murty

*Mike Nichols

John Oliver Jr.

Graig Osborne

Chris Palsrok

Shawn Parish

Chase Parker

Bo Partain

Kyle Pfeifer

Kaden Reynolds

Logan Rhode

Nick Roberts 

Mich Ross

Tim Rupp

Jake Sachau 

Buck Schafroth

Will Scheresky

Tom Schmitt

*Kelly Shryock

*Jared Siefert

Luke Silber

*Cody Smith

David Smith

Devin Smith

Donavon Smith

Randy Smith Jr.

Cameron Starry

Aaron Stolp

Caleb Stone

Nick Strobbe

Troy Swearingen

Peyton Taylor

Dylan Thornton

Heath Tulp

Dominic Ursetta 

Rob VanMil

Jeff Ware

Paul White

Shelby Williams

Tyler Wilson

Collen Winebarger

Justen Yeager

Elijah Zevenbergen

Jordan Zillmer

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