Additional forms must be completed for drivers under the age of 18 before their membership application will be processed.

Parental Consent and Minor Release Waiver: Both parents need to complete, sign and notarize the first page. The driver completes and signs the second page, this page does not need to be notarized. A copy of the minor’s birth certificate must also be included.

NOTE: The Parental Consent and Minor Release Waiver must be printed in color because our insurance company will not accept them in black and white.

Any individual submitting falsified documents to IMCA will be subject to appropriate penalties by IMCA, and/or legal authorities.

*It is important to note that no points will be awarded to any driver who has not submitted a correct minor release, nor will points be awarded retroactively.

Please email ( or call (319-472-2201) with any questions.

Click on the links below to download the form(s) you need:

Parental Consent and Minor Release Waiver