Fast Shafts All-Star eligible list adds 12

VINTON, Iowa (Aug. 4, 2023) – Add another dozen Friesen Performance IMCA Modified drivers to the eligible to qualify list for the upcoming Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.

Todd Stinehart ruled Salute to Veterans at Kossuth County Speedway and Cody Laney led the way in the Rage Chassis 40 at Fayette County Speedway.

Zane DeVilbiss was first in the Fair special at Hancock County while Trey Duensing was the Gage County Fair winner at Beatrice Speedway.

Summer Shootout checkers at Barona Speedway flew for Trevor Fitz and Eric Mass topped the .38 Special at Black Hills.

Kyle Rohleder raced to a Wheatshocker Nationals win at RPM Speedway while Jason Schueller paced Dubuque’s Julien Dubuque Classic.

And Justen Yeager was a double winner at Idaho Falls’ Race to Heal.

Winners of weekly qualifying features were Ryan Peery, Randy Thornell and Mike Wedelstadt.

Winners of qualifying events already eligible were Spencer Diercks, Kelsie Foley, Austin Kiefer, Jeff Larson, Rodney Morgan, Chris Morris, Mike Mullen, Jake Nightingale, Clay Sellard, Todd Shute, A.J. Ward, Tim Ward, Jesse Williamson and Braxton Yeager.

The list of 135 drivers eligible to qualify for the upcoming Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational includes:

Chris Abelson, Timothy Allerdings, Ricky Alvarado, Chaz Baca, Owen Barnhill, Jordan Bartz, Austen Becerra, Brandon Beckendorf, Eddie Belec, Tom Berry Jr., Tanner Black, Tyson Blood, Steven Bowers Jr. and Zach Cail.

Alec Childs, Ty Clemens, Mitchell Clement, Jimmy Cole, Cory Craver, Brian Cross, Paul Culp, Jacob Dahle, Matthew Day, Jon DeBenedetti, Travis Denning, Jesse Dennis, Zane DeVilbiss and Brenten DeYoung.

Myron DeYoung, Spencer Diercks, Brad Dierks, Greg Dinsmore, Logan Dinsmore, Jake Donnelly, Ryan Doyon, Ethan Dotson, Trey Duensing, Ryan Duhme, Grey Ferrando, Drake Findley, Trevor Fitz and Jerry Flippo 

Kelsie Foley, Troy Foulger, Jeremy Frenier, Albert Gill, William Gould, Jordan Grabouski, Travis Hagen, Kollin Hibdon, Jacob Hobscheidt, Bobby Hogge IV, Mitchell Hunt, Tyler Iverson and Bricen James.

Joseph Joiner, Jeremy Keller, Austin Kiefer, Jerry King, Brenda Kirby, Austin Kuehl, Keith Lamphere, Cody Laney, Jeff Larson, Jake McBirnie, Ryan McDaniel, Izac Mallicoat and Duane Manning.

Jaren Martin, Eric Mass, Chad May, Nick Meyer, Chris Mills, Jeremy Mills, Rodney Morgan, Chris Morris, Troy Morris III, Mike Mullen, Dylan Murty, Todd Neiheiser and Jake Nightingale.

Jake O’Neil, Ryan Peery, Jim Pettit, Steven Pfeifer, Chad Porter, Brad Pounds, Dyllan Ricks, Kyle Rohleder, Anthony Roth, Joel Rust, Jaxon Saathoff, Rob Sanders and Jayden Schmidt 

Brandon Schmitt, Kody Scholpp, Kelly Shryock, Jason Schueller, Marlyn Seidler, Clay Sellard, Todd Shute, Brad Sites, Eddie Sites, Casey Smith, Todd Stinehart, Tyler Stoddard and Caleb Stone. 

Shawn Strand, David Stremme, Mickey Stubbings, Regan Tafoya, Jeff Taylor, Peyton Taylor, Collin Thirlby, Cody Thompson, Randy Thornell, Dylan Thornton, Ricky Thornton Jr., Dillon Tindall, Marcus Tomlinson and Travis Tooley.

And Jake Upchurch, A.J. Ward, Tim Ward, John Webb, Mike Wedelstadt, Matt Werner, Kale Westover, Steve Whiteaker, Johnny Whitman, Jesse Williamson, Fred Wojtek, Braxton Yeager, Justen Yeager and Chris Zogg.

The All-Star Invitational will be held Friday, Sept. 8 during the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s. Two rounds of fast time qualifying will be held during the Thursday, Sept. 7 program at Boone Speedway.

Any driver who believes they should be added to the eligible list must contact Bill Martin at the IMCA office (319 472-2201, ext. 213).

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