Dotson, Pearce get IMCA Speedweek wins at Placerville

By Stephanie Deatherage  PLACERVILLE, Calif. (May 7) – Round seven of the California IMCA Speedweek presented by Hoppes Motorsports took IMCA Modifieds and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods to Placerville Speedway, where Ethan Dotson and Andrew Pearce ended the night in victory lane. In the IMCA Modifieds twenty-five lap feature, Jim Pettit motored his way to lead the first circuit ahead of Clint Reichenbach before two early cautions.  Once the field got going again, Pettit took off with a strong run. Reichenbach hunted down and passed Pettit but the caution came out on lap nine before the entire circuit could be complete. The front two battled hard after the green light came back on. Dotson, who started 17th and after transfer­ring out of the ‘B’ main, went into the fray to make it a three-car battle for the lead.  Dotson moved into second and was on his way to the front only for the yellow to come back out with 14 laps down.   When the action resumed, Dotson went straight to work on Pettit, taking the top position [Read More]


Hogge makes history with Modified win in California IMCA Speedweek opener

By Stephanie Deatherage  PLACERVILLE, Calif. (Aug. 10) – Bobby Hogge IV made history on a history-making night for the inaugural California IMCA Speedweek. Placerville Speedway had the honor of opening the first-ever Speedweek event, presented by Hoppes Motorsports and 51 IMCA Modifieds and 36 Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods contended. Hogge earned $1,000 and a 2021 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot nod for his Modified victory while Garrett Jernagan took the $750 Northern SportMod checkers.  Polesitter Hogge struck first on the opening lap to beat the field to the wire.  Consecutive cautions kept the field bunched up preventing the Salinas standout from developing a large lead and Hogge soon had his hands full with a hard-charging Danny Wagner.   Wagner slipped past Hogge on lap six only to lose the lead on the following trip past the flag stand.  Hogge reclaimed the front spot and built a decent advantage during long green flag runs.   Around halfway, Shane DeVolder applied loads of pressure on the leader and eventually took over the top position on the 21st circuit.  However, DeVolder lost [Read More]


Six tracks host California IMCA Speedweek shows

MERCED, Calif. – California is the place Modified and Northern SportMod drivers will want to be, for the inaugural California IMCA Speedweek Aug. 10-15. IMCA Modifieds race for $1,000 to win their Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifying fea­tures while Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods chase $750 top checks each night.  The inaugural California IMCA Speedweek presented by Hoppes Motorsports opens next Mon­day at Placerville Speedway, then travels to Petaluma Speedway on Aug. 11; to Antioch Speed­way on Aug. 12; to Merced Speedway on Aug. 13; to Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford on Aug. 14; and to Bakersfield Speedway for the Aug. 15 finale. All events are draw/redraw. Modified features pay $100 to start, Northern SportMod features $75, with IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National, Shaw Race Cars Western Region and KMJ Performance State points, in addition to series points at stake.  Top five drivers in standings for each division receive point fund shares, in increments of $1,000, $400, $200, $100 and $100 for the Modifieds and $700, $300, $200, $100 and $100 for the North­ern [Read More]


Inaugural California IMCA Modified Speedweek dates announced

By Ben Deatherage  MERCED, Calif. – Something exciting is around the bend in the California IMCA Modified scene. Doug Lockwood, promoter at Merced Speedway, has put together the first-ever Modified Speedweek in the State of California.  The series will race from Monday, Aug. 10 to Saturday, Aug. 15 at six different racetracks in as many nights.  The racing extravaganza will be open to both IMCA Modifieds and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods. Each race will feature a 20-car main event for $1,000 to win and $50 to start for the Modifieds while SportMods will race for $600 to the winner and $40 to start. Modified features are Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifying events. Point funds will be up for grabs in both divisions, with $1,000-$400-$200-$100-$100 shares being paid in the Modifieds and $600-$300-$200-$100-$100 shares paid in the SportMods. The whole party kicks off at Placerville Speedway on Aug. 10, before the tour travels west to Petaluma Speedway on Tuesday.  Wednesday will be spent at Antioch Speedway while the Thursday date is reserved for Merced Speedway.  The series continues its southern [Read More]


Placerville Donnie Tilford Tribute win is IMCA Modified career first for Wagner

PLACERVILLE, Calif. (April 27) – The IMCA Modified driver who plans to make 2019 a learning season took his Donnie Tilford Tribute foes to school at Placerville Speedway.  Danny Wagner led every lap of the 25-lap Saturday night main event, complementing his career first win in the division with a $1,500 check and a Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational berth.  “It was pretty great,” Wagner said following the first start of his third IMCA season. “I had Troy Foulger close behind me and could hear him all the way. I saw him quite a few times.” Wagner had started outside Foulger on the front row. He made the best use of the higher line, getting strong restarts after every caution in outrunning Foulger to the checkers. Nick DeCarlo, Tim Balding and Ray Trimble rounded out the top five finishers in a stellar field of Larry Shaw Race Cars Western Region competitors. Wagner logged 17 outings in his rookie campaign and then a handful of starts, most of them at Ocean Speedway, last year. He’s planning to [Read More]


IMCA Modifieds, Northern SportMods featured at Placerville Speedway’s Donnie Tilford Tribute

PLACERVILLE, Calif. – Both IMCA Modifieds and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods are on the Saturday card at Placerville Speedway’s annual Donnie Tilford Tribute.  The April 27 Modified feature is a Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifier, paying $1,500 to win, $800 for second, $600 for third, $450 for fourth, $375 for fifth and a minimum of $75 to start. Northern SportMods race for $500 to win and a minimum of $50 to start.  IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National and E3 Spark Plugs State points will be awarded in both divisions; Modifieds also earn Larry Shaw Race Cars Western region points. Some of the top talent in the Golden State is expected to be on hand for the IMCA Modified por­tion with names such as Bobby Hogge IV, Troy Foulger, Ryan McDaniel, Nick DeCarlo, Kellen Chadwick, Duane Cleveland and others. With drivers like that it is sure to be a can’t miss show on the quarter-mile Placerville clay oval. The Northern SportMod main event last season turned out to be a thriller at the Donnie [Read More]