NY-Penn IMCA Modified Series ready to invade New Jersey

(Photo by Evan Canfield)

BRIDGEPORT, N.J. – You know what they say, there’s a first time for everything.

In the spirit of that, the 2022 season will start at the Bridgeport Speedway with a first for the state of New Jersey. For the first time since the IMCA-sanctioned Modified division was created in 1979, the open-wheeled beasts will slide around a track in The Garden State. 

After a successful 2021 season, NY-Penn IMCA Modified Series officials have come to an agreement with the Bridgeport Speedway to open their season at the famed New Jersey oval on March 26, 2022.

Since the date was released, anticipation for the event has been high among drivers and fans alike. 

“From what I have been reading and heard from the banquet we had, drivers seem excited for this opportunity,” said Series Director Jake Maynard. “The fans in New Jersey are thrilled to see the IMCA Modifieds for the first time in person. Who knows, this could become something bigger than expected!”

Not only will this event kick off the series’ season, it will also be one of the first races for IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National and Dirt Works Eastern Region points for the 2022 season. With the early head start, this race is not only drawing interest in the bordering states, but drivers from the Midwest are also showing interest in attending. 

With such a special event comes a special payday as well. Not only is this looking to be the biggest event in the short history of the series, it will also boast the largest winner’s purse in series history. A cool $2,000 will go to the winner at Bridgeport Speedway, as well as pay $150 to start the feature. There will also be contingency awards to go along with the payout. With the big check, it could help to bring even more drivers and fans to the track.

“As I said this year, I want to bring out the best of the best in every race out there,” stated Maynard. ” I’m here for the drivers and crews, I want to give them good paying races to show them what they deserve as a class.”

The idea of the event came from series sponsor Precision Hydraulic and Oil. A supporter of the NY-Penn IMCA Modified Series, discussions with the Bridgeport Speedway and the series sponsor sparked a deal to bring the division into New Jersey.

“The idea of Bridgeport came up with our amazing secondary sponsor, Precision Hydraulic and Oil who is a major supporter of IMCA and loves the class. He talked with Doug Rose and convinced him to give us a shot at a race and we worked it all out from there,” mentioned Maynard of how the event came about.

As the off-season begins, anticipation is beginning to build to begin the 2022 season with this race. In hopes of getting a full car count, series officials decided it be best to announce the race ahead of the winter to give teams time to be ready by March. This raises hopes for the series to bring a great field to New Jersey.  

“Expectations have to be high for such a way to kick off the season for the tour. For us to have a new state, new track, and 2,000 reasons to come and race for, you have to hope for a great turn out. But then there is always the fear of it being too early to race and everyone not being ready in time,” said Maynard. “Seems all the officials are excited, including me, for this ground breaking experience for the class and all of us.”

The race will be run along with the URC Sprint Cars on Saturday, leading up to the Doug Hoffman Memorial for Big Block Modifieds on Sunday. For more information about the series or the event, follow to the NY-Penn IMCA Modified Series Facebook page.