Eibach Springs giving post-season awards to IMCA state champions in seven divisions

CORONA, Calif. (May 5, 2022) – Eibach Springs makes award winners of nearly 100 of the IMCA drivers who will race to state championships in 2022. The Corona, Calif., manufacturer and 14-year sponsor gives $100 certificates to KMJ Performance state kings or queens crowned in the Friesen Performance IMCA Modified, IMCA Sunoco Late Model, IMCA Sunoco Stock Car, IMCA STARS Mod Lite, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock, Friesen Performance Northern SportMod and Smiley’s Racing Products IMCA Southern SportMod divisions again this season.  Drivers in each of those divisions will be eligible to win a drawing for a set of four springs and a first-time state champion also receives an Eibach-branded fire suit. Washington State Modified champion Tyson Blood won the drawing for the fire suit held last season, when 84 of 126 state champions in nine divisions earned career-first crowns. “This has proven to be a great partnership between Eibach and IMCA, where we can showcase our industry leading products and IMCA continues to offer industry leading racing environments across the country,” said Eibach Sales Manager [Read More]


Eibach rewards 94 IMCA state champions

CORONA, Calif. – More than 90 IMCA drivers winning state championships in 2021 earned post-season awards from Eibach Springs. Modified driver Tyson Blood, a first-time KMJ Performance state champion in Washington, was chosen by random draw to receive an Eibach-branded fire suit. Other first-time state champs receiving sets of springs were Owen Barnhill in Florida, Modified; Andy Nezworski in Illinois, Late Model; Renn Bane in California, Stock Car; Kyler Satran in North Dakota, Hobby Stock; Joey Klemish in New Mexico, Northern SportMod; Matthew Day in Oklahoma, Southern SportMod; and Dylan Dunn in Florida, Mod Lite. All state champions in those seven divisions receive $100 certificates from the Corona, Calif., manufacturer and 13-year IMCA sponsor. Eibach certificates with a total value of $9,400 were presented to drivers attending the national awards banquet in Lincoln, Neb., or mailed this month from the IMCA home office. 


Eibach Springs adds STARS Mod Lites to post-season IMCA awards program

CORONA, Calif. – STARS Mod Lites become the latest addition to Eibach Springs’ post-season awards program with IMCA. KMJ Performance state champions in the newest sanctioned division, as well as IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sunoco Late Models, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods and Smiley’s Racing Products all receive $100 certificates from the Corona, Calif., manufacturer. Drivers in those divisions become eligible to win a drawing for a set of four springs; a first-time state champion also received an Eibach-branded fire suit. Dustin Stuart, the first-ever Stock Car state champion crowned in Arkansas, won the drawing for the fire suit held last season, when 58 of the 110 state champions raced to career-first crowns. IMCA Sunoco Stock Car Arkansas state champion Dustin Stuart won the drawing for the firesuit given following the 2020 season by Eibach Springs. (Courtesy Photo)  Winners of sets of springs were Bart Taylor, Modified; Logan Duffy, Late Model; Beau Hutchison, Stock Car; Josh Cordova, Hobby Stock; Jayden Schmidt, Northern SportMod; and Dean Abbey, Southern SportMod.  “2020 [Read More]