Eibach Springs adds STARS Mod Lites to post-season IMCA awards program

CORONA, Calif. – STARS Mod Lites become the latest addition to Eibach Springs’ post-season awards program with IMCA.

KMJ Performance state champions in the newest sanctioned division, as well as IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sunoco Late Models, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods and Smiley’s Racing Products all receive $100 certificates from the Corona, Calif., manufacturer.

Drivers in those divisions become eligible to win a drawing for a set of four springs; a first-time state champion also received an Eibach-branded fire suit.

Dustin Stuart, the first-ever Stock Car state champion crowned in Arkansas, won the drawing for the fire suit held last season, when 58 of the 110 state champions raced to career-first crowns.

IMCA Sunoco Stock Car Arkansas state champion Dustin Stuart won the drawing for the firesuit given following the 2020 season by Eibach Springs. (Courtesy Photo) 

Winners of sets of springs were Bart Taylor, Modified; Logan Duffy, Late Model; Beau Hutchison, Stock Car; Josh Cordova, Hobby Stock; Jayden Schmidt, Northern SportMod; and Dean Abbey, Southern SportMod. 

“2020 was the first time that we offered a fire suit to a first-time state champion and it was really cool to give that away to Dustin Stuart and see him wearing it now,” said Eibach Sales Manager Dave Cardey. “We look forward to watching this year’s championship battles take place and we will again award a worthy first time champion with another Eibach fire suit.”

Eibach certificates and drawing prizes will be presented during the IMCA national awards banquet in November. 

The 13-year sponsor also gives sets of four springs to Modified, Late Model and Mod Lite champions and Modified, Stock Car, Hobby Stock and Northern SportMod non-qualifiers at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s. 

Information about Eibach-manufactured springs is available at www.eibach.com, on Facebook and Twitter, or by calling 800 507-2338

“The addition of the fire suit award from Eibach really puts a stamp on a state championship, especially for a driver winning their first ever KMJ Performance state crown,” observed IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “We have some great point battles going on right now and it should make for an exciting second half of the season.” 

Current KMJ Performance State point leaders in the seven divisions are:

Arizona – Chaz Baca, Modified; D.J. Werkmeister, Stock Car; Steve Bitting, Hobby Stock; Collin Bender, Mod Lite; Bo Partain, Northern SportMod. 

Arkansas – Keaton Atkinson, Modifed; Edwin Wells, Stock Car; Titan Crump, Mod Lite. 

California – Jim Pettit, Modified; Renn Bane, Stock Car; Tim Varney, Mod Lite; Trevor Clymens, Northern SportMod.

Colorado – Brian Cross, Modified; Joe Bellm, Stock Car; Hunter Smith, Hobby Stock; Danny Concelman, Northern SportMod; Tim Ihnen, Southern SportMod. 

Florida – Owen Barnhill, Modified; Dylan Dunn, Mod Lite.

Idaho – Jake Donnelly, Modified; Chris Hatch, Northern SportMod.

Illinois – Jeff Larson, Modified; Andy Nezworski, Late Model; Daniel Wauters, Hobby Stock; Jon Padilla, Mod Lite; Jarett Franzen, Northern SportMod.

Iowa – Tim Ward, Modified; Logan Duffy, Late Model; Dallon Murty, Stock Car; Solomon Bennett, Hobby Stock; Josh May, Mod Lite; Tyler Soppe, Northern SportMod. 

Kansas – Tim Watts, Modified; Tathan Burkhart, Stock Car; Cody Williams, Hobby Stock; Alex Loveless, Mod Lite; Luke Stallbaumer, Northern SportMod.

Louisiana – Kevin Carl, Mod Lite.

Michigan – Austin Wonch, Modified. 

Minnesota – Aaron Johnson, Modified; Dan Mackenthun, Stock Car; Brandon Bombardo, Hobby Stock; Jacob Jordan, Northern SportMod. 

Mississippi – Blake Wilson, Mod Lite. 

Missouri – James Thompson, Modified; Brian LaBonte, Stock Car; Dillon Raffurty, Mod Lite; Chris Wright, Northern SportMod.

Montana – Joey Price, Modified;

Nebraska – Scott R. Smith, Modified; Kyle Prauner, Late Model; Cameron Wilkinson, Stock Car; Jason Wilkinson, Hobby Stock; Scott Naggatz, Mod Lite; Justin Svoboda, Northern SportMod. 

Nevada – Alec Childs, Modified; Marie Curtis, Stock Car; Chris Toth, Northern SportMod.

New York – Joseph Garafolo, Mod Lite. 

North Dakota – Isaac Sondrol, Modified; Dalton Flory, Stock Car; Andrew Bertsch, Hobby Stock; Brady Bjella, Northern SportMod. 

Oklahoma – Jared Baird, Modified; Todd Decker, Stock Car; Matthew Day, Southern SportMod. 

Oregon – Curtis Towns, Modified; Douglas Coffman, Northern SportMod. 

South Dakota – Shane DeMey, Modified; Gregory Taylor, Stock Car; Tony Fetterman, Hobby Stock; Rusty  Montagne, Northern SportMod. 

Texas – Chris Morris, Modified; Joe O’Bryan, Stock Car; Dawson Fisher, Mod Lite; Jerrett Bransom, Southern SportMod. 

Utah – Wyatt Howard, Modified; Beau Hutchison, Stock Car; Haiden Reese, Hobby Stock; Brandon Snow, Northern SportMod. 

Washington – Grey Ferrando, Modified.

Wisconsin – Lucas Lamberies, Modified; Travis Van Straten, Stock Car; Dakota Simonsen, Hobby Stock; Jayden Schmidt, Northern SportMod. 

Wyoming – Bart Taylor, Modified; Dave Taylor, Hobby Stock.