Henderson flies to finish at Froggy 44

Dusten Henderson was the winner of Cottage Grove Speedway’s Froggy 44 special for Mach-1 IMCA Sport Compacts. (Photo by Jason Davenport Photography)

By Ben Deatherage

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (June 29, 2024) – Cottage Grove Speedway paid tribute to the late Melvin Walker and Dusten Henderson went home with the $444 payday from Saturday’s Froggy 44 special for Mach-1 IMCA Sport Compacts.

Henderson made his way to the front from sixth starting, taking the double checkers ahead of Burnie Bryant.

The Froggy 44 finale started with Kerry Cooper building a big lead as Michael Kennerly and Melissa Bryant battled over second.

As the race stayed green, Burnie Bryant got around daughter Melissa for second on lap eight and tried to catch up with Cooper while Henderson started to knock on the door for third.

The caution waved on lap 10 and on the restart, Kennerly bounced back to fourth and obtained third with a pass around Melissa Bryant. Henderson rebounded to third with 32 laps to go. While all this happened, Cooper and Burnie Bryant were a close first and second.

After a multi-car pile-up in turn two, the yellow flag returned on the 14th circuit. On the ensuing restart, Burnie Bryant again tried to thread the needle under Cooper for first. Mike Wichert challenged Henderson for third.

A couple caution flags waved that kept the field stacked up. Henderson put up a great run on the outside and got past Burnie Bryant and eventually Cooper to become the new race leader on lap 24. Cooper retained second while Wichert moved up to third.

The field began to get strung out a little bit as the race stayed green, but it allowed Henderson to construct a commanding lead over the rest of the competitors. 

Burnie Bryant made a late-race move to get back into second after Cooper spun, and Cooper was able to recover and finish third. Tiffany Towns was fourth and Charles Trissell earned fifth.

Curtis Towns was the Friesen Performance IMCA Modifieds winner and Trevor Points topped the Friesen Performance IMCA Northern SportMod main.

Trevor Points was on point in winning Saturday’s main event for Friesen Performance IMCA Northern SportMods at Cottage Grove Speedway. (Photo by Jason Davenport Photography)

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