15 IMCA Stock Car drivers earn B & B All-Star eligibility 

VINTON, Iowa (Aug. 18, 2022) – Fifteen names are new on the list of IMCA Sunoco Stock Car drivers eligible for the B & B Racing Chassis All-Star Invitational. 

Chase Berkely and Jed Williams earned automatic starting spots with $5,000 victories at Willamette’s Stock Car special and Thayer County’s Remington Elting Memorial, respectively.

Hunting With Heroes Salute to Veterans winners were Randy Brands at Kossuth County Speedway and Josh Daniels at Boone Speedway.

Heath Tulp was the Night of 10,000 Stars winner at Hancock County Speedway while Rob VanMil swept the Sanders Stock Car Challenge Weekend.

Justin Luinenburg was the Bank Midwest Series winner at Jackson Motorplex. Dalton Flory made two trips to victory lane during the Coal County Classic at McLean County.

Stuart Speedway special winners were Jeremy Gettler at the Jake Durbin Memorial and Austin Kaplan at the Clint Walrod Memorial. Tom Berry Jr. won Benton County’s inaugural Bald Tire Bash.

Winners of qualifying weekly events were Nick Buckarma, Kyle Clough, Dustin Griffiths and Cole Mather. 

Drivers now B & B All-Star eligible are: 

Jeffrey Abbey, Renn Bane, Jason Batt, Joe Bellm, Chase Berkeley, Tom Berry Jr., Allen Bradley, David Brandies, Randy Brands, Ron Brewer, Larry Brigner, Jeremy Brookshire and Nick Buckarma.

Tathan Burkhart, Blake Clark, Kyle Clough, Garrett Corn, Marie Curtis, Josh Daniels, Jeff Danos, Kevin DeBaere, Todd Decker, Zane DeVilbiss, P.J. Egbert, Tommy Fain and Dalton Flory.

Troy Foulger, Todd Gereau, Jeremy Gettler, Adam Goff, William Gould, Jordan Grabouski, Trent Grager, Derek Green, Dustin Griffiths, Mike Hagen, Brock Hamilton, Lance Hanson Jr. and Markiss Harcrow. 

Ed Henderson, Gene Henrie, Chanse Hollatz, Danny Holt, Jim Horejsi, Tyler Iverson, Michael Jaennette, Nicholas Johnson, Austin Kaplan, Randy Klein, Taylor Kuehl, Benji LaCrosse, Jeffrey Larson and Dillion Lawrence.

Benji Legg, Luke Lemmens, Patrick Linn, Wheat Lippelman, Justin Luinenburg, Brandon McElroy, Dan Mackenthun, Cole Mather, Mitch Meier, Mike Mullen, Angel Munoz, Dallon Murty and Damon Murty.

Mike Nichols, Chad Palmer, Bo Partain, Mike Petersilie, Kris Peterson, Kyle Pfeifer, Bryce Pritchett, Dustin Reeh, Ondre Rexford, Kaden Reynolds, Cade Richards, Jason Rogers and Mich Ross. 

Jerry Schram, Kelly Shryock, Devin Smith, Roy Smith Jr., Rod Snellenberger, Jesse Sobbing, Matt Speckman, Jeff Steenbergen, Caleb Stone, Paul Stone, Larry Thompson, Dylan Thornton and Joel Tigges. 

And Heath Tulp, Rob VanMil, Kyle Vanover, Dustin Vis, Edwin Wells, D.J. Werkmeister, Cameron Wilkinson, Jed Williams, Shelby Williams, Collen Winebarger, Casey Woken and Elijah Zevenbergen. 

Additions to this list should be made by contacting Bill Martin at the IMCA office.