30th Harris Clash marks milestone with $10,000 IMCA Modified top prize

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. – Thirty years ago, Bob Harris didn’t think the IMCA Harris Clash would ever get this big. 

As late as a couple weeks ago, the promoter of IMCA’s longest-running one-day special never thought it would pay this big, either.

More than 110 IMCA Modifieds and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods are already pre-registered for the 30th annual Clash Tuesday, Aug. 3 at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Minn. 

Harris had the pleasure of making the announcement late last week that the Modifieds would be racing for $10,000 to win. Wehrs Machine and Racing Products, along with Aero Race Wheels, AFCO, Close Racing, Performance Bodies and Strange Oval, all chipped to double what had been the winner’s original share of the purse.

In addition, race announcers will draw midway through the Modified 30-lapper to determine recipients of two $500 awards for drivers finishing between sixth and 25th

“It’s been pretty exciting. I’ve been impressed with how everything has come together,” Harris said. “Thirty years ago, I would have never dreamt this event would get this big. I wouldn’t have dreamt two weeks ago that it would pay $10,000 to win.”

“It’s pretty cool.”

The Clash is a Fast Shafts All-Star qualifier and the Modified winner earns an additional $500 if their chassis builder participates in the Harris Clash manufacturers’ cup. The Wehrs Machine & Racing Products Modified Race of Champions pays $1,000 to win.

Northern SportMods now run for $2,000 Tuesday night. Fast Shafts is the event sponsor for that division.

Race night entries will be taken in both divisions.

Pit gates at Spring Valley will be open all day and officially open at 3 p.m. The draw closes and hot laps start at 6:15 p.m. with racing at 7 p.m. Transponders are required and will be available to rent at the track.

Grandstand admission is $20 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. Pit passes are $35 for adults, $20 for kids and $5 for five and under.

The Harris Clash is the second installment of the IMCA Speedweek Hot Summer Nights Series and will be broadcast by IMCA.TV. More information is available from Harris at 515 292-9200.

Modified drivers pre-entered now include:

Jeff Aikey

Austin Arneson

Tom Berry

Steven Bowers Jr.

Jarrett Brown

Cayden Carter

Rob Charapata

Tim Czarneski

Jacob Dahle

Shane DeVolder

Tyler Droste

Brent Dutenhoffer

Mike Fryer

Tripp Gaylord

Jordan Grabouski

Richie Gustin

Jake Hartung

Jeremie Hetrick

Jacob Hobscheidt

Mat Hollerich

Aaron Johnson

Brekken Kleinschmidt

Cody Knecht

Dustin Kroening

Lucas Lamberies

Cody Laney

Ronn Lauritzen

Dalton Magers

Jake McBirnie

Matt Meinecke

Dan Menk

Nick Meyer

Jeremy Mills

Brett Moffitt

Dallon Murty

Paul Nagle

Mark Noble

Jake Pike

Chad Porter

Joel Rust

Rodney Sanders

Kelly Shryock

Dylan Sillman

Jesse Skalicky

Doug Smith

Jesse Sobbing

Jake Steere

Todd Stinehart

Paul Stone

Jeff Taylor

Bart Taylor

Cody Thompson

Dylan Thornton

Jared Van Deest

Tim Ward

Tim Watts

Clint Wendel

Sam Wieben

Konnor Wilinski

Garett Wilson

Braxton Yeager

Pre-entered Northern SportMod drivers are: 

Nate Albrant

Logan Anderson

Austen Becerra

Jared Boumeester

Chris Burke

Brayton Carter

Rocky Caudle

Nate Chodur

Cole Czarneski

Zach Davis

Wes Digman

Joe Docekal

Greg Elliott

Colby Fett

Alec Fett

Torey Fischer

Jadin Fuller

Jackson Harpole

Troy Hovey

Vern Jackson

Kevin Johnson

Michael Johnson

Brian Kauffman

Mike Kennedy

Andy Klosterman

Luke Krogh

Erik Laudenschlager

Johnathon Logue

Hunter Longnecker

Izac Mallicoat

Greg Noah

George Nordman

Keegan Nordquist

Jared Nytroe

Cory Pestotnik

Kole Quam

Chad Ryerson

Jake Sachau

Jayden Schmidt

Brian Schrage

Austin Schrage

Tim Sheppard

David Siercks

Tyler Sobiesczyk

Brandon Spanjer

Steven Swarthout

Jeffery Teske

Dylan VanWyk

Tyler Watts

Bill Wegner

Nate Whitehurst

Cody Williams