IMCA releases event plan for Super Nationals

BOONE, Iowa – For the 33rd consecutive year, IMCA plans to successfully hold Super Nationals at Boone Speedway and intends to do so this year following all State of Iowa disaster proclama­tions in place at the time of the Sept. 6-12 event.

Grandstand capacity will be reduced by 50 percent with every other row in the seated main grand­stand marked off; the seated grandstand on the pit side will operate at a reduced capacity as well.

All spectator traffic on the catwalks will be made one-way. Spectators will not be allowed to stand two-deep and race teams will be encouraged to watch only events involving their driver to reduce the number of people on the catwalks.

In addition, it is recommended everyone on the catwalk wear a face covering; officials reserve the right to require access to the catwalks to those having a face cover. 

To further promote social distancing, a number of activities have been scaled back or eliminated entirely, including what would have been the 31st annual golf tournament. Also canceled were activities in the indoor pit area VIP areas, Tiki Hut, daily vendor and VIP sign-in and registration, all fan zone activities, including autograph sessions and post-race events, and all pre-race tech inspection.

“At the end of the day, all the off-track activities are where issues present themselves,” noted IMCA President Brett Root. “From a competitor’s standpoint, we have reduced much of the risk. We are emphasizing to our drivers that we don’t want groups of more than 10 people in a pit area, or people in pit areas where they don’t belong.” 

All race lineups and results will be available online on MyRacePass; MyLaps also provides electronic access to live timing and scoring while an FM transmitter at the track broadcasts the call from the booth by announcers Jerry Vansickel and Ryan Clark. 

IMCA.TV will livestream broadcast of the Saturday night Prelude and Super Nationals, with daily and week-long packages available to viewers at home.

Other measures that will be in place to address Covid-19 –related matters and streamline the fan experience at Super Nationals are: 

*Entry screening – No one who is experiencing Covid-like symptoms will be allowed to enter the venue. It’s also recommended that anyone who has been in contact with another person who has tested positive not attend. Covid-related signage will be located at all event entry points. 

*Face coverings – IMCA will provide a free face covering to all competitors and weeklong pit pass holders entering the restricted pit area. All grandstand spectators will be provided access to a free face covering. Face coverings will be recommended throughout the facility. 

*Hand hygiene – IMCA will provide accessible hand sanitizer to everyone entering the venue. Fans will be encouraged to regularly wash or sanitize their hands. 

*Physical distancing – Spectators in the seated grandstand will be required to follow the State Proclamation regarding physical distancing. Social distancing will also be encouraged throughout the venue and face coverings will be encouraged in any area where physical distancing is limited (registration and concession lines, restrooms, post-race tech inspection and pit viewing areas). 

*Cleaning and sanitation – IMCA will follow CDC guidelines for Covid 19 cleaning and disinfect­ing for community facilities. The venue will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected daily, with fre­quent cleaning of high traffic areas and surfaces each day and throughout the event.

*Enhanced access restrictions – Access to tech inspection areas and other event operational areas will be greatly reduced or eliminated. All Boone Speedway indoor VIP areas will be closed. The grandstand tower area will be accessible only to Boone Speedway operational staff. A list of daily entry into any of those indoor areas will be kept and provided if contact tracing is requested.

*Concessions and merchandise – Vending and concession locations will be properly protected, dis­tancing enforced in lines and touchless transactions encouraged wherever possible.

*Communications and signage – Attendees will receive frequent advance communications outlin­ing policies and procedures, encouraging thoughtful planning and advising those who are sick or at risk to stay home. On-site signage and public address announcements will reinforce health and safety messaging throughout the week of Super Nationals. 

“All these measures will make a big difference toward a successful event,” Root said. “We expect all fans and drivers to comply and reserve the right to deny access to anyone who does not.”