Campos, Bloom, Kennerly capture Cottage Grove features

By Stephanie Deatherage  

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (Aug. 29) – Cottage Grove Speedway raced for the sixth occasion on Saturday, with more than 90 entries from Oregon, Washington, and California making the trip.

The IMCA Modified feature was a thriller with numerous lead changes and close action all the way to the end.  Paul Rea got to the front first but was quickly passed by Curtis Towns, who then saw Aaron Sheelar drive by. 

Sheelar and Towns stayed side-by-side for several laps and traded the lead on three occa­sions. Towns regained first place on lap eight and remained there for some time. Curtis felt some heat in the last 10 laps as John Campos put an enormous amount of pressure on him.   

Campos finally managed to beat Towns to the line on lap 21 only to lose the position to Towns the next time around. As the two came to the checkers, Campos edged out Towns by .035 of a second.  It was Campos’ second straight main event win and his third overall of the 2020 sea­son. Towns and Jake Mayden rounded out the top three. 

Austin Petray was quick out of the box in the Karl Kustoms Northern Sport Mod race.  He stayed out in front until lap seven when Hunter Bloom navigated his way past shortly after a re­start.  Bloom went on to pace the field the rest of the distance and scored his third win of 2020 at CGS.  

And in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts, it was Jeremy DeGroot cracking the whip in the early go­ings.  DeGroot remained in first place until lap six.  Michael Kennerly became the one to show the way.  Kennerly beat Ricky Ashley to the checkers by a mere .050 seconds for his first win at Cot­tage Grove this season.