Thornton sweeps South Dakota starts, Barker, Clift, Logue, Clark also win at New Raceway Park

Travis Barker topped Sunday’s feature for IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars at The New Raceway Park.

JEFFERSON, S.D. (April 26) – After going weeks between wins, Ricky Thornton Jr. returned to victory lane in a matter of hours.

Thornton reeled in race-long leader Chris Mills with five laps left, then ran away from the rest of the field in topping Sunday’s IMCA Modified feature at The New Raceway Park.

Thornton had started seventh and was up to second just after midway of the 20-lap main event. Mills spun late and Jeff Taylor, Grey Ferrando, Tom Berry Jr. and Aaron Johnson followed Thornton across the stripe.

Berry had started 17th. A geographically diverse field was on hand, as was the case Sunday at Park Jefferson Speedway, with 10 states represented by the Modified grid. 

Also winning features were Travis Barker in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, Craig Clift in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Johnathon Logue in the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods and Anthony Clark in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts. 

The fifth starting Barker led the last 15 of 18 laps in the Stock Car main, chased most of that distance by Randy Brands. Cade Richards headed the pursuit, the last four times around the track before scoring his second runner-up finish of the night. 

Brands ended in third. 

Clift led every lap from the pole in the Hobby Stock headliner, with 12th starting Zach Ankrum second and ninth starting Andy Hoffman third. 

Logue was scored first the last 12 of 16 Northern SportMod circuits, beating the 11th starting Richards to the checkers by not much more than a car length. Cody Thompson drove from eighth starting to third.

And Clark led start to finish of a Sport Compact feature that ran caution-free. Nathan Fontenot was second, Austin Honeycutt third. 

Feature Results 

Modifieds – 1. Ricky Thornton Jr.; 2. Jeff Taylor; 3. Grey Ferrando; 4. Tom Berry Jr.; 5. Aaron Johnson; 6. Tim Ward; 7. Chris Abelson; 8. Kenny Wallace; 9. Ken Schrader; 10. Robby Sawyer; 11. Jeff Larson; 12. Matt Bonine; 13. Kenny Kostenbader; 14. Tyler Madigan; 15. Jim Thies; 16. Jim Cole; 17. Ethan Braaksma; 18. Jason Schneiders; 19. Jim Mathieson; 20. Chad Ten Napel; 21. Sean Barragan; 22. Bob Moore; 23. Chris Mills; 24. Steve Streeter.

Stock Cars – 1. Travis Barker; 2. Cade Richards; 3. Randy Brands; 4. Bo Lundquist; 5. Cameron Wilkinson; 6. Greg Taylor; 7. Michael Logein; 8. Hans Houfek; 9. Brad TeGrotenhuis; 10. Dan Mackenthun; 11. Glen Jones; 12. Jeremy Hoskinson; 13. Nick Johansen; 14. Brenton Palmer; 15. Dana Cook; 16. Steven Pierce; 17. Brandon Ferguson.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Craig Clift; 2. Zach Ankrum; 3. Andy Hoffman; 4. Cody Williams; 5. Cameron Wilkinson; 6. Eric Knudson; 7. Tony Fetterman; 8. David Miller; 9. Todd Caster; 10. Ben Schneiders; 11. Lowell Janssen; 12. Hunter Wergin; 13. Brandon Wergin; 14. Richard Schaeffer; 15. David Bates; 16. Dellas Williams; 17. Justin Shearn; 18. Andrew Harris. 

Northern SportMods – 1. Johnathon Logue; 2. Cade Richards; 3. Cody Thompson; 4. Cole Nordquist; 5. Rusty Montagne; 6. Joey Haase; 7. Austin Price; 8. Dale Ricks Jr.; 9. Greg Hammon; 10. A.J. Boulware; 11. Brody Spreng; 12. Shawn Hein; 13. Izac Mallicoat; 14. Devyn Peterson; 15. Brian Long; 16. Luke Jackson; 17. Michael Kramer.

Sport Compacts – 1. Anthony Clark; 2. Nathan Fontenot; 3. Austin Honeycutt; 4. Shannon Mahlberg; 5. R.J. Esqueda; 6. Brandon Hartmann; 7. Danny Vanderveen; 8. Shyanne McCulley; 9. Gary Grabill; 10. Taylor Brown; 11. Connor Brown; 12. Gage Reisdorph; 13. Doug Vermilyea; 14. Lenny Cunningham; 15. Justin Myre.