California driver strikes gold on Super Saturday at Boone

Cody Laney’s Super Saturday IMCA Modified feature win at Boone Speedway paid $1,000 and put the visitor from California on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography)

By Joyce Eisele

BOONE, Iowa (Aug. 3) – Californian Cody Laney collected the IMCA Modified checkers and $1,000 at Boone Speedway’s Super Saturday show, which drew 160 entries in all.

Laney led all 20 laps and won going away, earning a spot on the 2020 Fast Shafts All-Star Invita­tional ballot. Another Californian, Ethan Dotson, drove his ride from sixth to finish second in the Watermelon Classic headliner.

Thor Anderson ran at the front of the field all race and finished third, fourth went to Randy Havlik, and Jeff Aikey finished fifth. 

Ricky Thornton was the $1,000 TiLUBE Challenge winner earlier in the evening while Richie Gustin pocketed $500 for taking the Second Chance Showdown. 

Brandon Pruitt took advantage of his outside front row starting position, grabbed the lead immedi­ately and held off some heavy competition in leading all of the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature. 

Shaun Wirtz caught Bryant Johnson using the top of the track and led the last 10 circuits to top the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock main. The victory was the second of the season for Wirtz, who bounced back in a big way after rolling his car last week.

Johnathon Logue also won for the second time this season at Boone after taking the lead 13 laps into the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod feature. Fourth place paid off for Dusty Masolini, winner of the $750 mystery position drawing. 

Feature Results 

Modifieds – 1. Cody Laney; 2. Ethan Dotson; 3. Thor Anderson; 4. Randy Havlik; 5. Jeff Aikey; 6. Ricky Thornton Jr.; 7. Jimmy Gustin; 8. Jon Snyder; 9. Kelly Shryock; 10. Tim Ward; 11. Brock Bauman; 12. Richie Gustin; 13. Cory Sauerman; 14. Tony Cox; 15. Brandon Williams; 16. Cody Bauman; 17. Ben Wilson; 18. Taylor Musselman; 19. Kollin Hibdon; 20. Clint Wendel; 21. Al Wolfgram; 22. Tony Hilgenberg; 23. Anthony Hofbauer; 24. Brandon Leeman.

Stock Cars – 1. Brandon Pruitt; 2. David Smith; 3. Jeff Mueller; 4. Robert Stofer; 5. Bryan Snell; 6. Donavon Smith; 7. Scott Davis; 8. Josh Daniels; 9. Mitch Dowhower; 10. Jay Schmidt; 11. Rod Richards; 12. Justin Nehring; 13. Wayne Gifford; 14. Mathew West; 15. Andrew Borchardt; 16. Brock Badger; 17. Chris Pruitt; 18. Kyle Rose; 19. Tyler Pickett; 20. Gary Bass; 21. Troy Jerovetz; 22. Aaron Benz; 23. Cody Gustoff; 24. Andrew Burg. 

Hobby Stocks – 1. Shaun Wirtz; 2. Bryant Johnson; 3. James Johnson; 4. Eric Knutson; 5. Matt McDonald; 6. Aaron Rudolph; 7. John Watson; 8. Daniel Ayers; 9. Seth Butler; 10. Shane Butler; 11. John Ades; 12. Jamie Coady; 13. Curt Reed; 14. Jeremiah Andrews; 15. Cody Reed; 16. Adam Tiernan; 17. William Klosterman; 18. Jack Phillips; 19.  Braden Richards; 20. Daniel Smith; 21. Miciah Hidlebaugh; 22. Jared Myers; 23. Shane Palmer; 24. Mike Smith. 

Northern SportMods – 1. Johnathon Logue; 2. Gary Pestotnik; 3. Jake McBirnie; 4. Dusty Maso­lini; 5. Dustin Lynch; 6. David Schwartz; 7. Tyler Inman; 8. Tommy Hensley; 9. Brian Schrage; 10. Jake Elmquist; 11. Tyler Watts; 12. Brandon Patava; 13. Robert Moore; 14. Blair Simmons; 15. Bryan Johnson; 16. Danny Fye; 17. Daniel Hagen; 18. Bryan Morris; 19. Brandon Coffman; 20. Mitchell Morris; 21. Ronnie Hults; 22. Colton Nelson; 23. Curtis Veber; 24. Michael Parcel.