Edge in experience, win at Thunder Valley go to Lewis

Kent Lewis Sr. followed the fast middle line to victory lane when the Southern United Sprints traveled to Thunder Valley Speedway.

GLENMORA, La. (March 9) – Kent Lewis Sr. won for the first time in 1968, at the beginning of a racing career that now spans six decades.

His most recent checkers came Saturday night, when the Southern United Sprints traveled to Thun­der Valley Speedway.

“I went shopping around and found the sweet spot. My car was superb right in the middle,” said the 71-year-old Lewis, who started sixth and took the lead following a restart just before halfway. “It seemed like everybody else was running high or low.” 

Rod Craddock ended as the runner-up and Tyler Harris completed the top three in the IMCA Rac­eSaver Sprint Car headliner at Glenmora.

“Winning (tonight) was super special. When I saw the white flag I was able to take a breath. The hardest thing to do in a race is lead,” Lewis said. “Most of the guys I’m racing with, I raced with their dads. It’s been a while since I won a feature but I still have fun going to the races every Satur­day night, whether it’s spectating or competing.” 

Feature results – 1. Kent Lewis Sr.; 2. Rod Craddock; 3. Tyler Harris; 4. Caleb Padgett; 5. Johnny Brown; 6. Steve Holland; 7. Tommy Hall; 8. Theresa Waller; 9. Cody Hall; 10. Todd Bliss; 11. Marcus Thomas; 12. Jacob Harris; 13. Beau Smith; 14. Blake Cunningham; 15. Michael Oli­ver; 16. Butch David; 17. Thomas Johnson.