Keeton flies to first win in Virginia Sprint Series finale

Mike Keeton became a first-time winner in Saturday’s Virginia Sprint Series finale at Shenandoah Speedway. (Photo by Jim Haines)

By Jim Haines

SHENANDOAH, Va. (Sept. 30) – Mike Keeton was fast at the front and stayed there all the way to his first win Saturday on the final night of the 20th annual Virginia Sprint Series.

The IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car checkers came Saturday at Shenandoah Speedway, ahead of Jerald Harris and Anthony Linkenhoker.

The feature-only event rolled off with Bill Rice and Keeton on the front row. When the green flew, Keeton stayed high while Rice was on the bottom and hugging the line.

Keeton got free on lap two and Harris came with him on the top side and went for the lead lap after lap while leaving Rice to deal with Linkenhoker.

Pavement races really fly by and Harris was keeping close but not getting alongside while Linkenhoker made it to third. Keeton stayed smooth and steady up front, made some good moves in traffic in the final laps and raced to the checkered flag first.

Feature results – 1. Mike Keeton; 2. Jerald Harris; 3. Anthony Linkenhoker;4. Bill Rice; 5. Chris Ware; 6. Josh Perreault; 7. Neil Sandridge; 8. Jack Rice.