Saturday night champions get new engines from Karl Performance or Karl Chevrolet

BOONE, Iowa – Saturday night’s champions at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s are again guaranteed to go home with new engines, courtesy of Karl Perfor­mance and Karl Chevrolet.

After the Sept. 12 race program is complete, the engines that powered Modified, Stock Car, Hobby Stock and Northern SportMod champions will be sold at a public auction in the infield at Boone Speedway.

Modified, SportMod, or Hobby Stock champions who won titles with crate motors receive a new GM 604 or 602 crate from Karl Chevrolet. Drivers in any division winning with claim motors get engines from Karl Performance.

All motors will be built to IMCA specifications and any additional services or parts desired are to be taken care of at the new owner’s expense.

The Modified champion, if running a claim motor, gets a KPM CPH383-60D engine valued at $6,999. The Stock Car champion will receive a KPM 360 spec engine valued at $6,040.99. The SportMod and Hobby Stock champions, if running claim motors, both get a KPM CC355-60F en­gine valued at $4,299.99.

The Stock Car, SportMod and Hobby Stock engines are all built with quality EQ cylinder heads.

“The engine auction remains one of the staples of this event and the partnership with Karl has ensured that each Saturday night feature winner will receive a new power plant after theirs is sold at the live auction in the infield,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “This year that engine will be custom-built following Super Nationals for each winner to ensure they get what they need, rather than a packaged engine that may not fit their application.”

Minus the wrecker fee, engine auction proceeds will be divided among the rest of the qualifiers in each respective event.

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