Strong restarts send Shute to winner’s circle at Marshalltown Frostbuster

By Jeremy Fox

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (April 3) – A pair of strong restarts midway through Friday’s Frostbuster feature for IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds helped send Todd Shute to the winner’s circle at Marshalltown Speedway.

Shute took advantage of his front row start for the 25-lapper and pulled away from the rest of the field before cautions on laps 13 and 15. He got great restarts both times and went on to lead the remaining laps to take the $1,000 win.

Adam Larson finished second, Mike Mullen was third, Luke Wanninger was fourth and Jason Wolla was fifth. Shute was already on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot.

A total of 207 cars from 11 states and Canada were signed in for the third installment of Frost­buster Week.

Randy Brands was the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car winner. Doug Smith showed the way to the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod checkers and Austin Luellen paced the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock main event.

Brands wrestled the front spot away from Steve Meyer on lap 10. After showing the top line was fastest in turns three and four he took the win ahead of Damon Murty and Trent Murphy.

Smith worked his way to a full straightaway advantage before the final caution was displayed on lap 15 in the Northern SportMod feature. He went on to the win over 15th starting Tracy Wassen­berg, 13th starting Hunter Parsons, 24th starting Lucas Lamberies and Cameron Meyer.

Billy Rhodes was the early Hobby Stock leader before Luellen completed the pass for the lead on lap five. John Watson was second and Benji Irvine third.

Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Todd Shute, Des Moines; 2. Adam Larson, Ankeny; 3. Mike Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 4. Luke Wanninger, Minburn; 5. Jason Wolla, Ray, N.D.; 6. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont, Wis.; 7. Jacob Murray, Hartford; 8. Tyler Droste, Waterloo; 9. Josh Most, Red Oak; 10. Troy Cordes, Dunkerton; 11. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown; 12. Mitch Morris, Long Grove; 13. Kyle Brown, State Center; 14. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 15. Cole Ferguson, Dexter; 16. Brian Irvine, Oelwein; 17. Eddie Muenster, Green Bay, Wis.; 18. Hunter Marriott, Brookfield, Mo.; 19. Josh Gilman, Earlham; 20. Dustin Smith, Lake City; 21. Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa; 22. Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 23. Mike Jergens, Plover; 24. Richie Gustin Jr., Gilman.

Stock Cars – 1. Randy Brands, Boyden; 2. Damon Murty, Chelsea; 3. Trent Murphy, Jefferson; 4. Steve Meyer, Grundy Center; 5. Donavon Smith, Lake City; 6. Jay Schmidt, Tama; 7. Justin Temeyer, Independence; 8. Michael Jaennette, Newton; 9. Brendon LaBatte, Weyburn, Sask.; 10. Bret Koeh­ler, Two Rivers, Wis.; 11. Brian Mahlsledt, Ionia; 12. Jason See, Albia; 13. Donavon Nun­nikhoven, Sully; 14. Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, Minn.; 15. Norman Chesmore, Rowley; 16. Jerry Miles, Bernard; 17. Robbie Merkle, Des Moines; 18. Brandon Hare, Elma; 19. Scott Pippert, El­beron; 20. Tyler Pickett, Boxholm; 21. Andrew Lokenvitz, Charles City; 22. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 23. Jared Daggett, Marshalltown; 24. Dave Atcher, Marshalltown.

Northern SportMods – 1. Doug Smith, Lake City; 2. Tracy Wasssenberg, Shawano, Wis.; 3. Hunter Parsons, Green Bay, Wis.; 4. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville, Wis.; 5. Cameron Meyer, Pierce, Neb.; 6. Ryan Besaw, Amro, Wis.; 7. Tyler Soppe, Sherrill; 8. Beau Handschke, New London, Wis.; 9. Sam Weiben, Dysart; 10. Andy Tiernan, Woodward; 11. Jon Schultz, Waunakee, Wis.; 12. Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 13. Neil Follett, Conrad; 14. Kevin Bethke, Neenah, Wis.; 15. Adam Shelman, Ames; 16. Logan Scott, Odelbolt; 17. Kurtis Pihl, Falun, Kan.; 18. Colby Heish­man, Brooklyn; 19. Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown; 20. Brandon Williams, Des Moines; 21. Shawn Ritter, Keystone; 22. Jared Van Deest, Holland; 23. Ben Wilson, Nevada; 24. Clint Luellen, Min­burn.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Austin Luellen, Minburn; 2. John Watson, Des Moines; 3. Benji Irvine, Oelwein; 4. Eric Stanton, Carlisle; 5. Justin Lichty, Waterloo; 6. Garrett Eilander, Newton; 7. Justin Wacha, Vinton; 8. Chad LeGere, Des Moines; 9. Jeremy Purdy, Bedford; 10. Jeremy Auten, Clarinda; 11. Jamie Songer, Ankeny; 12. David Schmidt, Casco, Wis.; 13. Aaron Rudolph, Grand Junction; 14. Chanse Hollatz, Clear Lake; 15. Dustin Elliott, Marshalltown; 16. Shawn Kuen­nen, Hazleton; 17. Andy Hick, Adel; 18. Tyson Overton, Carlisle; 19. Sterling Sorenson, Portsmouth; 20. Solomon Bennett, Perry; 21. C.J. Dall, Marshalltown; 22. Billy Rhodes, Maynard; 23. Andrew Burg, Adel; 24. Craig Graham, Webster City.

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