Sobbing is tops in Tipton XSAN Hawkeye Dirt Tour feature

TIPTON, Iowa (Aug. 19) – And then there were nine.

Jesse Sobbing became the ninth different winner in as many XSAN Hawkeye Dirt Tour events this season on Tuesday night at Cedar County Raceway.

He bested a stellar field of 45 IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds for the victory that paid $1,000 and put him on the ballot for next year’s Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.

Brad Diercks, 16th starting Brian Webb, Darin Duffy and Kyle Brown completed the top five.

Steve Stewart drew the pole start and battled back and forth with Sobbing much of the first half in the 30-lapper. Stewart used the low line while Sobbing stayed on the high side, finally finding his way past near midway.

Duffy then gave chase, also up top, while Diercks and Stewart contested for third.

Two late cautions interrupted the action when Richie Gustin and Dustin Kraklio went off the top of the oval in the second set of turns.

Diercks and then Webb would use restarts to their advantage and pass Duffy on the low side. Neither could reel in Sobbing, however.

The 10th and final event of the fifth annual tour is Saturday, Sept. 13 during the Yankee Dirt Track Classic at Farley Speedway. That evening’s 40-lap feature pays $2,000 to win and a minimum of $175 to start.

Feature results – 1. Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood; 2. Brad Diercks, Clarence; 3. Brian Webb, Daven­port; 4. Darin Duffy, Urbana; 5. Kyle Brown, Kellogg; 6. Joel Rust, Grundy Center; 7. Steve Stewart, Burlington; 8. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 9. Kurt Kile, Nichols; 10. Justin Rix, Olin; 11. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Ill.; 12. Milo Veloz, Colona, Ill.; 13. Mark Schulte, Delhi; 14. Patrick Flan­nagan, Cedar Rapids; 15. Bruce Hanford, Davenport; 16. Mike Van Genderen, Newton; 17. Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 18. Jake Bowman, Maquoketa; 19. Nick Nevins, Lisbon; 20. Dan Chapman, Clarence; 21. Dustin Kraklio, Durant; 22. Jeremy Mills, Garner; 23. Richie Gustin, Gilman; 24. Ben Chapman, Clarence; 25. Nick Dains, Mount Vernon; 26. Bill Roberts, Burlington.

1st heat (top two) – 1. Flannagan; 2. Sobbing; 3. Johnny Walker, Stanwood; 4. Kraklio; 5. Noah Coppess, Stanwood; 6. Steve Johnson. Camanche; 7. Chris Lawrence, Colona, Ill.; 8. Jacob Water­man, Rock Island, Ill.

2nd heat – 1. Rust; 2. Brown; 3. Waterman; 4. Kile; 5. Carter; 6. Scott Powell, Polo, Ill.; 7. Brad Tyler, Wilton; 8. Matt Stewart, Columbus Junction.

3rd heat – 1. Gustin; 2. Schulte; 3. Van Genderen; 4. Ben Chapman; 5. Nevins; 6. Doug Nigh, Maquoketa; 7. Jacob Murray, Hartford; 8. Chris Zogg, New Liberty.

4th heat – 1. Duffy; 2. Diercks; 3. Webb; 4. Jesse Belez, Marengo; 5. Dains; 6. James Wonick, Iowa City; 7. Joshua Starr, Tipton.

5th heat – 1. Veloz; 2. Hanford; 3. Lauritzen; 4. Craig Crawford, Silvis, Ill.; 5. Todd Dykema, Daven­port; 6. Tony Von Dresky, Long Grove; 7. Kelly Meyer, Big Rock.

6th heat – 1. Steve Stewart; 2. Rix; 3. Dan Chapman; 4. Mills; 5. Bowman; 6. Thomas Patz, East Moline, Ill.; 7. Roberts.

1st “B” feature (top three) – 1. Kraklio; 2. Webb; 3. Dains; 4. Waterman; 5. Coppess; 6. Belez; 7. Johnson; 8. Lawrence; 9. Walker; 10. Starr; 11. Wonick.

2nd “B” feature – 1. Kile; 2. Waterman; 3. Carter; 4. Lauritzen; 5. Crawford; 6. Tyler; 7. Powell; 8. Von Dresky; 9. Dykema; 10. Matt Stewart; 11. Meyer.

3rd “B” feature – 1. Dan Chapman; 2. Van Genderen; 3. Bowman; 4. Nevins; 5. Ben Chapman; 6. Zogg; 7. Nigh; 8. Mills; 9. Patz; 10. Roberts; 11. Murray.

Series provisionals – Mills, Lauritzen and Roberts. Track provisionals – Nevins and Ben Chap­man.

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