Green takes extra lap, top check at Britt Stock special

BRITT, Iowa (July 25) – That wasn’t a victory lap Derek Green took after Friday’s IMCA Sunoco Stock Car special at Hancock County Speedway.
He was just making sure.

Green collected a career-best payday of $4,000 while leading all but the first three circuits of the 25-lap county fair special. He took the checkers close to a straightaway in front of defending race winner Dan Mackenthun.
“It seemed like a long race after leading for 20-some laps,” he said. “I was so pumped up that I wasn’t sure about taking the checkers, so I took another lap to make sure.”
Green took the initial green flag from fourth and used an early restart to get the lead.

“Once I got in front I went to the bottom. I figured I’d do that until I saw pressure from the top. I never did so I stayed low,” he said. “This is the biggest win I’ve had so far. It means a lot to me when you can have almost 50 Stock Cars at a race and win by almost a straightaway,”

David Wickman, Jim Larson and Chad Palmer rounded out the top five. Elijah Zevenbergen failed post-race engine section and was disqualified from third.
Forty-nine Stock Cars from Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota were entered Friday at Britt.

Feature results – 1. Derek Green; 2. Dan Mackenthun; 3. David Wickman; 4. Jim Larson; 5. Chad Palmer; 6. Jason Minnehan; 7. Lance Deal; 8. Jesse Olson; 9. Abe Huls; 10. Randy Brands; 11. Devin Smith; 12. Shay Curtin; 13. Kevin Opheim; 14. Craig Berhow; 15. Ned Kalis; 16. David Brandies; 17. Luke Sathoff; 18. Heath Tulp; 19. David Smith; 20. Cory Gansen; 21. Cody Frerichs; 22. Kellie Schmit; 23. Jeff McCollum; 24. Jake Masters; 25. John Madson.
1st heat (top two) – 1. Mackenthun; 2. Palmer. 2nd heat – 1. Deal; 2. Masters. 3rd heat – 1. Wickman; 2. Minnehan. 4th heat – 1. Devin Smith; 2. McCollum. 5th heat – 1. Larson; 2. Green. 6th heat – 1. Opheim; 2. Elijah Zevenbergen.
1st “B” feature (top six) – 1. Gansen; 2. Curtin; 3. Sathoff; 4. Berhow; 5. Huls; 6. Frerichs. 2nd “B” feature – 1. Olson; 2. David Smith; 3. Brands; 4. Brandies; 5. Tulp; 6. Kalis.
Provisionals – Schmit and Madson.

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