DeVilbiss is double winner in Border States Racing Series twin bill at Desert Thunder

PRICE, Utah (April 11-12) – Everything went right for Zane DeVilbiss in the inaugural Border States Racing Series doubleheader at Desert Thunder Raceway.

DeVilbiss swept Friday and Saturday IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified features at Price, earning his career 96th and 97th feature wins in the division.

After starting eighth on opening night, DeVilbiss finally got the best of Michael Hale after a back-and-forth battle for the front spot on the tacky oval. Aaron Spangler, Dylan Hatch and Dusty Safley rounded out the top five in the time-shortened show.

Track conditions were on the slick side Saturday as DeVilbiss made his way from 11th starting to first in a fast-paced 30-lapper. Casey Delp, Aaron Spangler and Hale were going at it three-wide when DeVilbiss zipped by on the extreme high side.

Delp, Hale, Brody Spangler and Safley finished second through fifth, respectively.

Joey Klemish and Julie Boettler ended 1-2, 2-1 in IMCA SportMod series main events.

Twenty-seven SportMods were on hand for Friday action when Justin Wright, Brian Carey and Juanita Faddis chased Klemish and Boettler to the checkers.

Jordan Eddleman, Dakota Kibel and Ryan Henley completed Saturday’s top five.

Rounds three and four of the Border States Racing Series are May 23 and 24 at Aztec Speedway. Both events are part of Aztec’s Ryan Bard Memorial special.

April 11 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Zane DeVilbiss; 2. Michael Hale; 3. Aaron Spangler; 4. Dylan Hatch; 5. Dusty Safley; 6. Bryan Wordelman; 7. Dakota Berry; 8. Wyatt Howard; 9. Mike Higgins; 10. Mickey Stubbings; 11. David Madill; 12. Shawn Maxfield; 13. Denny Heath; 14. Rick Spangler; 15. Brody Spangler; 16. Kevin Wright; 17. Don Baisch; 18. Casey Delp; 19. Zach Hensley.
Heat winners were Safley, Hale and DeVilbiss.

SportMods – 1. Joey Klemish; 2. Julie Boettler; 3. Justin Wright; 4. Brian Carey; 5. Juanita Faddis; 6. Glen Spangler; 7. John Young; 8. Clint Cresler; 9. Robert Gallegos; 10. Travis Gray; 11. Christina Gallegos; 12. Darrel Cordary; 13. R.L. Henley; 14. Scott Gray; 15. Ryan Henley; 16. Bill Fergson; 17. Jordan Eddleman; 18. Luke McCormick; 19. Jeremy Birch; 20. Joe Esquibel; 21. Dakota Kibel; 22. Chipita Rowley; 23. Kareem Hopkins; 24. Rex Higgins.

Heat winners were Boettler, Klemish, Edelman and Gray. Delp won the “B” feature.

April 12 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. DeVilbiss; 2. Delp; 3. Hale; 4. Brody Spangler; 5. Safley; 6. Wordelman; 7. Hatch; 8. Rick Spangler; 9. Howard; 10. Kelly Smith; 11. Madill; 12. Hensley13. Higgins; 14. Matt Ratzlaff; 15. Heath; 16. Maxfield; 17. Baisch; 18. Mark Murray; 19. Aaron Spangler; 20. Wright; 21. Berry; 22. Chase Hansen; 23. Ryan Spangler; 24. Stubbings.

Heat winners were DeVilbiss, Hale, Safley and Howard.

SportMods – 1. Boettler; 2. Klemish; 3. Eddleman; 4. Kibel; 5. Ryan Henley; 6. Cordary; 7. Faddis; 8. Robert Gallegos; 9. Rowley; 10. Spangler; 11. Carey; 12. Young; 13. Christina Gallegos; 14. McCormick; 15. Phillip Oliver; 16. Chuck Delp; 17. R.L. Henley; 18. Higgins; 19. Ferguson; 20. Scott Gray; 21. Cressler; 22. Hopkins; 23. Wright; 24. Travis Gray.

Heat winners were Delp, Travis Gray, Corday and Kibel.

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