Williamson sweeps CGS Mark Howard Memorial Weekend

By Ben Deatherage  COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (July 31) – Night two of the Mark Howard Memorial Cottage Grove Speedway IMCA Modified Nationals took place on Saturday, July 31.    The 52-lap, $2,600 to win feature started off with Jesse Williamson obtaining the lead on the initial start. After that, the Coburg chauffeur reigned supreme against the competition but did have to be smart on the restarts. As a result, eight total stoppages occurred, including four in the last dozen circuits. There were points in which lapped traffic was caught and Williamson was briefly challenged; he flexed his muscle against the field from those times on. Nevertheless, Williamson swept the weekend en route to his record seven Mark Howard Memorial Cottage Grove Speedway titles. Already Fast Shals All-Star Invitational qualifying eligible, Williamson has amassed an impressive five straight wins to his credit, going back to Independence Day, when he was victorious for the first time in 2021. Collen Winebarger was second with Nick Trenchard ending the race third. Grey Ferrando placed fourth over consolation winner Jake [Read More]


Wild West Modified Shootout returns, IMCA.TV to broadcast Aug. 6-14 series

By Ben Deatherage LEBANON, Ore. – After not being on the schedule in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wild West IMCA Modified Shootout is back. Eight races will be run in nights at four race tracks in the Pacific Northwest.  Not only will IMCA Modifieds be in attendance but the Karl Kustoms IMCA Northern Sport Mods will accompany the tour in the first seven legs.  Modified feature winners earn $1,000 and become eligible to qualify for the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational. Lebanon’s Willamette Speedway will kick the whole party off on Friday, Aug. 6 and the tour will remain there for three straight nights.  Monday, Aug. 9, and Tuesday, Aug. 10 will be reserved for Cottage Grove Speedway. Wednesday will be the only off day for the series however there will be a pit party at Sunset Speedway Park, in Banks.  The Banks Bullring will host action for Thursday, Aug. 12 and Friday, Aug. 13.  Everything will wrap up the next night at Grays Harbor Raceway, in Elma, Wash., for the lone stop [Read More]


Towns tops Cottage Grove IMCA Modified main

By Ben Deatherage COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (July 16) – Curtis Towns raced to IMCA Modified win number two of the season at Cottage Grove Speedway Friday night.  Paul Rea was the early race leader in the main event.  The veteran chauffeur set a fast pace until his driveline spat out, on lap five, sidelining him for the rest of the race. Inheriting the lead position was Towns.  Towns stayed in the coveted position for the balance of the distance despite feeling brief periods of pressure. Towns scored his second win of 2021 in Cottage Grove competition. Eston Whisler was a strong second, followed by Ryan Baker. The rest of the top five was made up of Steven Sturdevant and Paul Culp.  For the Mach-1 Sport Compacts, young Madilyn Ashley set the tone in the early goings of that feature. The young lady from Jasper maintained first place until being overtaken on lap 10. Burnie Bryant was the one to claim the top spot for his own.  Bryant dominated the rest of the main event to [Read More]


Rea, Bloom Bryant visit victory lane at Cottage Grove

By Stephanie Deatherage   COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (June 19) – The second and final night of the Father’s Day Weekend doubleheader at Cottage Grove Speedway was on Saturday, with three IMCA divisions on the card.  Paul Culp took charge at the start of the IMCA Modified main.  Unfortunately, Culp spun on lap seven, handing first place to Paul Rea, who then had to deal with several restarts from some fast drivers nipping at his heels.  Despite all the advances and the potential moves to overtake him, Rea held his composure to win his first race of the season. He joins the victor’s list in Cottage Grove Speedway, KMJ Performance Oregon State, and Shaw Race Cars Western Region competition.  It is his first IMCA Modified win since Sept. 19, 2020, also at Cottage Grove.  Chad Groves was runner-up with Jake Mayden third. Curtis Towns was fourth while fifth was Derick Young.  It would be a wild and crazy Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod main event.  On seven occasions, racing came to a halt due to incidents, including two red flag incidents. Salem [Read More]


Young is latest IMCA Modified winner at Cottage Grove

By Stephanie Deatherage  COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (June 18) – The first of two straight nights of action at Cottage Grove Speedway kicked off with IMCA Modifieds on the Friday card.  Paul Rea pounced to the lead on the opening start. The Eugene veteran inhabited the position until lap three, when Derick Young made his way into first place. Young received some pressure just after the halfway mark.  Jeffrey Hudson got around Derick Young on lap 14.  Young kept his composure however and regained the coveted top spot on the 16th circuit. He remained there the balance of the distance to earn the victory.  It is Young’s first win at Cottage Grove since April 27 of 2019.  He is the sixth winner in nine shows and the newest name on the win chart in KMJ Performance Oregon State and Shaw Race Cars Western Region competition.  Curtis Towns and Aaron Sheelar were second and third, respectively.  Bricen James got fourth followed by Matthew Drager in fifth.


James, Bloom, Drake win Cottage Grove Kids’ Night features

By Stephanie Deatherage   COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (June 5) – Bricen James, Ray Bloom and Scarlett Drake didn’t kid around with their IMCA competition on Kids’ Night at Cottage Grove Speedway. Paul Rea was quick to get out in front of the IMCA Modifieds in their feature.  Rea blazed the trail in the first half of the race but was overtaken on lap 15. James was the one to get to the front and did his very best to create space between himself and second.     Several stoppages kept things close and put a bunch of emphasis on the restarts.  In the end, the Albany racer navigated his way around The Grove in first place. James scored his third win at Cottage Grove Speedway and his second straight.  John Campos finished the runner-up, followed by Jesse Williamson.  Curtis Towns got fourth while fifth went to Jeffrey Hudson.  Youngster Trevor Points showed the way in the early goings of the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod feature.  He would feel an immense amount of pressure from behind but kept his cool for quite some time.  Dalton Bloom [Read More]


James, Comer capture opening night wins at Cottage Grove

By Stephanie Deatherage   COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (May 29) – Bricen James and Dustin Comer were IMCA winners on night one of Cottage Grove Speedway’s Memorial Weekend doubleheader. The 25-lap IMCA Modified main event began with a couple of cautions before the competition could complete the first lap. However, once green flag action unfolded, Jesse Williamson paced the pack.  Williamson held on to the position until lap seven.   Bricen James was the man to overtake Williamson and started to pull away from the field.  A late-race caution on lap 22 kept the cars all tightly knit together and set up a late-race restart.  James then held on to win his second race of the season at CGS and his first since April 23.   John Campos and Curtis Towns were second and third.  Jake Mayden ended his night fourth while Grey Ferrando came out of the “B” main as well as an earlier setback from a flat tire to finish fifth.  And in the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods, Theran Trissell was the initial race leader.  Trissell stayed in front until Ray Bloom [Read More]


Cottage Grove fans applaud Mayden, Schmidt, Martin

By Stephanie Deatherage   COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (May 22) – Fans had the IMCA winning efforts of Jake Mayden, David Schmidt and Brad Martin to appreciate on Fan Appreciation Night Saturday at Cottage Grove Speedway. The IMCA Modifieds had an action-packed, 25-lap feature. Jeffrey Hudson stormed to the front at the drop of the initial green flag and remained out in front for quite a bit of time until Mayden overtook him on lap 19.  Mayden fended off a hard-charging Bricen James to earn his second consecutive win in the class. Curtis Towns ended the night third, Matthew Drager came to the line in fourth with fifth going to Chad Groves.  Jordan Henry was the initial leader in the 20-lap Royalty Core Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod main event. Henry stayed there for most of the first half of the race but eventually was overtaken after a re­start. Schmidt was the one to perform the pass after starting 14th and secured the top place position on lap nine.   Schmidt wasn’t entirely out of the woods yet as he had to deal with [Read More]


Bloom scores huge win at Cottage Grove

By Stephanie Deatherage  COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (May 8) – Cottage Grove Speedway had the second round of Mother’s Day Weekend racing on Saturday, May 8 and the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods boasted a massive 27 cars in the pit area. The main event was a relatively caution-free affair of the 20-lap feature. Aaron Bloom secured the top place position on opening start and began to take off from the rest of the contingent. Two stoppages occurred through the course of the main event.  The first yellow was on lap two, with the second and final one taking place on lap 11. The final caution bunched the field up close together and brought some challengers that threatened Bloom’s reign.  After the restart, David Schmidt  tried to overtake Bloom but could not wholly perform the pass. Schmidt eventually had his hands full with a charging Jorddon Braaten. Braaten passed Schmidt and was on the attack against Bloom with a few circuits remaining.  Braaten briefly went side by side with Bloom for the top place position. But despite [Read More]


Braaten, Bryant top Cottage Grove features

By Stephanie Deatherage  COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (May 7) – Jorddon Braaten and Burnie Bryant were IMCA winners Friday at Cottage Grove Speedway. For the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods, Trevor Points got to the front at the drop of the initial green flag. Points was the trailblazer until lap seven, when Braaten passed him for the lead.    However, the pass would be negated as there was a caution before the field completed the lap. Braaten successfully made it back to front on the restart to grab the position on lap eight.  Braaten took care of the business the rest of the way to win for the first time in 2021 at Cottage Grove Speedway. Aaron Bloom ended the event second with Trevor Point taking home third. Doug Coffman and Steve Hopkins were fourth and fifth, respectively. In Mach-1 Sport Compact action, Michael Cockerline inhabited first place in the first five laps before Bradley Martin got around him. Martin remained the trailblazer for a bit of time before the race intensified in the last few circuits.   Bryant maneuvered [Read More]