License eligibility spelled out in IMCA general, divisional rules

VINTON, Iowa (April 15, 2024) – IMCA drivers will still be allowed to compete in specified, multiple divisions this season.

What they won’t be doing, however, is changing divisions multiple times, especially when it comes time to racing in high-paying specials.

Both general rules and divisional rules posted on the IMCA website now specify which divisions drivers can compete in when purchasing licenses in two or more classes; what’s spelled out in black and white is the time they’ll have to wait when switching between restricted divisions.

“For example, if a driver with a Modified license switches to a Northern or Southern SportMod, they have to stay in the new division for 12 calendar months from the date they changed divisions,” said IMCA President Brett Root.

“What we’ve seen primarily is drivers making that switch to race in higher-paying specials held prior to or after the end of the point season. In no way is it fair for SportMod drivers who support their weekly tracks during the season to race against Modified or Late Model drivers in pre- or post-season specials,” he continued. “We’ll continue to allow drivers with legitimate reasons to change divisions. But when they switch, they’re going to stay switched for 12 months.”

The same restrictions apply for drivers who compete at non-IMCA sanctioned events, meaning for example a Modified driver competing with another sanctioning body could not be licensed in IMCA Northern or Southern SportMod divisions.

And discounts will no longer be given to drivers purchasing licenses in multiple divisions.

One hundred and twenty-six drivers currently have licenses in two or more divisions, the majority of them the combination of Modified and Stock Car.

Only seven drivers were licensed in more than two divisions last year while another 300-plus ran in two divisions.

“We have no issues with racers competing in multiple divisions,” said Root. “We’ve allowed this for decades. However, we will continue to protect divisions with license restrictions from ineligible racers attempting to circumvent these conditions at high-paying specials.”

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