IMCA clarifies 2024 carburetor, spring rules

VINTON, Iowa (Jan. 25, 2024) – IMCA has announced clarifications to carburetor rules for three divisions, and to spring rules for five classes effective in 2024.

Carburetor rule no. 17 for the Stock Cars, Northern SportMods and Southern SportMods now states that part number 0-4412 or 0-4412SA would be allowed in sanctioned competition this season. The 0-4412 is the same 500CFM carburetor we have allowed for years including the Dorton version. The 0-4412SA is the shiny aluminum version.

“We had several questions from drivers about the way that rule was worded, with a comma instead of the word ‘or,’” explained IMCA President Brett Root. “Either version of that carburetor is legal. They will pass our gauges in tech inspection and are allowed in their unaltered form.”

And the word non-tapered was added to spring rules for Modifieds, Stock Cars, both SportMod divisions and Hobby Stocks. Non-tapered springs means conical, beehive, barrel, pig tail, etc., springs are not legal.

“We’d also received questions from racers about how we interpret that rule and that led us to believe we needed to add ‘non-tapered’ to better clarify our stance,” Root said. “We do not want manufacturers to make springs to minimum and maximum diameters. There is no reason to allow anyone to reinvent our spring rules.”

All clarifications have been made on the IMCA website and in 2024 rule books, to be distributed beginning next month.

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