Notice of Counterfeit SFI Labels on Driver Restraints Sold by SICKSPEED through

Please note that SFI has found harnesses sold by Sickspeed which bear counterfeit SFI labels stating that the manufacturer certifies that their products meet the applicable SFI Specs. 

Sickspeed harnesses have not been submitted for testing by SFI, and Sickspeed is not enrolled in any SFI program.

It should be noted that for any spec program, certification that products meet the minimum standards is made by the submitting manufacturer. Products are NOT certified, endorsed or approved by SFI.

Necessary measures should be taken to ensure that items purchased from this source are not allowed to be used where compliance with the relevant SFI Specifications are required. Please contact SFI with any concerns or inquiries about questionable product. 

Counterfeit products may appear with or without brand names. Genuine SFI conformance labels contain hidden security features and slightly different fonts and materials, but the following illustrations should assist in visually identifying the affected parts: