Four are new to Fast Shafts All-Star ballot

VINTON, Iowa – Their recent feature wins at three different Arizona race tracks have put four more IMCA Modified drivers on the 2021 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot.

Arizona Speedway was the site of both Collen Winebarger’s Wild Wing Shootout victory and Jake O’Neil’s two Superstition Showdown checkers. 

Lance Mari topped the Winter Nationals Hangover at Cocopah Speedway and Casey Skyberg bested a Winter Challenge Series show at Canyon Speedway AZ.

Drivers already vote eligible winning qualifying events were Casey Arneson, Chaz Baca, Tanner Black, Ethan Dotson and Tripp Gaylord.

The 86 drivers on the All-Star ballot now include: 

Jeff Aikey, Austin Arneson, Casey Arneson, Chaz Baca, Eric Barnes, Brandon Beckendorf, Eddie Belec, Chad Bennett, Tom Berry Jr., Tanner Black, Steven Bowers Jr., Ethan Braaksma, John Campos, Cayden Carter, Chris Carter, Kellen Chadwick and Ty Clemens.

Nick DeCarlo, Casey Delp, Shane DeVolder, Spencer Diercks, Ethan Dotson, Tommy Dove, Chris Elliott, Shawn Fletcher, Troy Foulger, Tripp Gaylord, Mike Goodson, Jordan Grabouski, Matt Guillaume, Michael Hale, Chase Hansen, Kyle Heckman and Toby Herring.

Ryan Heskett, Kollin Hibdon, Jacob Hobscheidt, Bobby Hogge, Bobby Horton, Jerry Hunt, Mitchell Hunt, Nate Jones, Billy Kendall, Corey Kortum, Cody Laney, Jeff Larson, Cody Leonard, Jimmy Lipke, Wade Lumsden, John McCaul and Dalton Magers. 

Lance Mari, Eric Mass, Nick Meyer, Chris Mills, Chris Morris, Jake O’Neil, Jim Pettit II, Max J. Quint, James Roete, Jesse Rogotzke, Anthony Roth, Jim Sandusky, Robby Sawyer, Ken Schrader, Marlyn Seidler, Kelly Shryock and Riley Simmons.

Casey Skyberg, Brad Smith, Jesse Sobbing, Dakota Sproul, Jeff Stephens, Shawn Strand, Matt Szecsodi, Regan Tafoya, Bart Taylor, Dylan Thornton, Ricky Thornton Jr., Marcus Tomlinson, John Webb, Jon White Jr., Justin Whitehead, Jerry Wilinski, Collen Winebarger and Justen Yeager.