23 IMCA Modified drivers added to Fast Shafts All-Star ballot

VINTON, Iowa – Another 23 IMCA Modified drivers have put their names on the ballot for the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.

Red River Modified Tour victories put Chris Bragg, Cory Davis and Chase Allen on the ballot. Duane Cleveland was an All Star Modified Tour winner and Kody Scholpp triumphed on the Gun­slinger Tour. 

Braxton Yeager and Beau Speicher were winners of Memorial Weekend features at Sweetwater Speedway. Checkers flew at Legit Speedway Park’s Scrappin’ 40 for Shawn Walsh and John Han­sen paced I-76 Speedway’s Dave Garmann Tribute. 

Wild West Challenge checkers flew for Brandon Clough at Lincoln County Raceway’s Wild West Challenge. Collin Thirlby took gold at Silver Bullet Speedway’s Sam O’Connor Memorial, Tyler Ste­vens won I-30 Speedway’s Scrapp Fox Memorial and Troy Foulger was first to the checkers at Merced Speedway’s Ed Parker Memorial.

Clay Daly was the Spring Nationals winner at Santa Maria Raceway and Zachary Madrid won at Arizona Speedway’s John Morris Classic. Robert Miller took home the big check at Winne­mucca’s High Desert Classic Shootout. 

Winners of weekly events paying $1,000 or more were Kolby Hannah, Ricky Stephan, Chad Clancy, Jimmy Gustin, Jeff Larson, Bryce Garnhart and Chris Olexiewicz. 

Drivers already vote eligible winning qualifying events included Casey Arneson, Chaz Baca, Cay­den Carter, Zane DeVilbiss, Zach Dockter, Richie Gustin, Bobby Hogge IV, Ryan McDaniel, Josh McGaha, Jake O’Neil, Joel Rust, Kelly Shryock, Ricky Thornton Jr., Dominic Ursetta and Johnny Whitman.

The 115 drivers on the All-Star ballot now include:

Jeffrey Abbey, Chris Abelson, Jeff Aikey, Chase Allen, Ricky Alvarado, Drew Armstrong, Casey Arneson, Chaz Baca, Jerry Bailey, Eric Barnes, Brandon Beckendorf and Eddie Belec. 

Tanner Black, Steven Bowers Jr., Chris Bragg, Brad Calhoun, Cayden Carter, Chad Clancy, Duane Cleveland, Brandon Clough, Brandon Conkwright, Curtis Cook, Brian Cross and Clay Daly. 

Cory Davis, Jon DeBenedetti, Nick DeCarlo, Colin Deming, Jesse Dennis, Zane DeVilbiss,Shane DeVolder, Myron DeYoung, Zach Dockter, Justin Dunn, Scott Foreman, Troy Foulger and Jaden Fryer.

Bryce Garnhart, Brendon Gemmill, Josh Gilman, William Gould, Jordan Grabouski, Jimmy Gustin, Richie Gustin, Michael Hale, Kolby Hannah, John Hansen and Jeff Hoegh.

Scott Hogan, Bobby Hogge IV, Darrell Hughes II, Jason Hughes, Bricen James, Justin Kay, Billy Kendall, Eddie Kirchoff, Brekken Kleinschmidt, Oliver Kollofski and Jeff Larson. 

Dennis LaVeine, Tyler Limoges, Ryan McDaniel, Josh McGaha, Zachary Madrid, Hunter Marriott, Rich Michael Jr., Robert Miller, Trevor Miller, Clay Money and Bob Moore. 

Rodney Morgan,Jason Noll, Guy Norton, Kyle Olberding, Chris Olexiewicz, Jake O’Neil, Toby Patchen, Tyler Peterson, Joey Price, Clint Reichenbach and Ryan Roath. 

James Roete, Anthony Roth, Joel Rust, Ryan Ruter, Cory Sample, Robby Sawyer, Kody Scholpp, Johnny Scott, Marlyn Seidler, D.J. Shannon and Kelly Shryock. 

James Slawson, Rob Slott, Brad Smith, Kelly Smith, Beau Speicher, Alex Stanford, Ricky Stephan, Tyler Stevens, Andy Strait, Kyle Strickler and Chris Swenson. 

Collin Thirlby, Ricky Thornton Jr., Shadren Turner, Dominic Ursetta, Danny Wagner, Shawn Walsh, A.J. Ward, Tim Ward, Johnny Whitman, Jason Wolla, Marcus Yarie and Braxton Yeager.