Photos needed for post-season certificates, cash

VINTON, Iowa – Sending a photo of their car to IMCA is guaranteed to get eligible drivers a $50 gift certificate.

Doing so will may also be worth $500 in cash.

Drivers in all IMCA divi­sions displaying 10 or more Karl Performance heat win decals on their car are eligible to receive a $50 gift certificate from the high performance parts supplier.

In addition, Dirt Defender and Stephenville Starter each give $250 to a driver selected at random from the IMCA Modi­fied, Stock Car, Southern SportMod and Northern SportMod ranks who wins 10 or more weekly heat races and sub­mits a photo of their car display­ing use of two Dirt Defender mud covers.

That driver also receives a free Stephenville Starter-manufac­tured starter.

All awards will be presented during the IMCA national ban­quet in November.

Car photos should be sent to Marketing Director Kevin Yoder at the IMCA home office by Monday, Nov. 13.

His email address is