Rudolf reigns in Friday SportMod qualifier at Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. ­(Nov. 13) – He hasn’t seen his name in lights yet but Chase Rudolf stole the headlines Friday night at the Duel In the Desert.

The 17-year-old from Norwalk, Iowa, led every lap of the $500 to win qualifying feature for Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt Track.

He’ll advance to Saturday’s $1,777 to win show along with fellow top six finishers Rick Diaz, Clay Money, Ryan Wolla, Nick Spainhoward and Adam Armstrong.

The race ran caution-free and Rudolf stayed flawless up front, leading by a straightaway when lap 12 was scored. A flat tire took Michael Johnson out of a transfer spot with three laps left.

Diaz took second well ahead of Money and Wolla.

Qualifying feature results – 1. Chase Rudolf, Norwalk, Iowa; 2. Rick Diaz, Los Banos, Calif.; 3. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; 4. Ryan Wolla, Williston, N.D.; 5. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif.; 6. Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Neb.; 7. Jerry Hoffman, Oronogo, Mo.; 8. Kyle Smith, Yuma, Ariz.; 9. Wayne Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 10. Brian Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 11. Nick Sylvester, Bakersfield, Calif.; 12. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif.; 13. Jordan Hagar, Bakersfield, Calif.; 14. Fred Ryland, Brentwood, Calif.; 15. Brendon Frye, Taft, Calif.; 16. Luke Krogh, Dickinson, N.D.; 17. Todd Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 18. Brian Roode, Brooks, Alb.; 19. Tony Konold, Clear Lake, S.D.; 20. Anthony Fierro, Cheyenne, Wyo.; 21. Michael Johnson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 22. Shane Helton, Artesia, N.M.; 23. Jerry Hinton, Adel, Iowa; 24. Varion Hetle, Underwood, N.D.

1st heat – 1. Rick Diaz, Los Banos, Calif.; 2. Kyle Smith, Yuma, Ariz.; 3. Jerry Hoffman, Oronogo, Mo.; 4. Arie Schouten, Blair, Neb.; 5. Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Neb.; 6. Joey Yantis, Bakersfield, Calif.; 7. Scott Saunders, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 8. Ricky Saunders, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 9. Mark Odgers, Mariposa, Calif.; 10. Ricky Childress Jr., Bakersfield, Calif.

2nd heat – 1. Anthony Fierro, Cheyenne, Wyo.; 2. Brendon Frye, Taft, Calif.; 3. Shane Helton, Artesia, N.M.; 4. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif.; 5. Brenda Kirby, Lomita, Calif.; 6. Ryan Gilland, Beatrice, Neb.; 7. Marisa Odgers, Mariposa, Calif.; 8. Chuck Black, Phoenix, Ariz.; 9. Jason Wilkey, Batesville, Ark.; 10. Gary Dutton, Bakersfield, Calif.

3rd heat – 1. Tony Konold, Clear Lake, S.D.; 2. Jerry Hinton, Adel, Iowa; 3. Todd Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 4. Nick Sylvester, Bakersfield, Calif.; 5. Garrett Jernagan, Bakersfield, Calif.; 6. Rick Kreitschmann, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.; 7. Merl Fitzpatrick, Brooks, Alb.; 8. Anthony Giuliani, Morgan Hill, Calif.; 9. Rex Higgins, Bloomfield, N.M.; 10. Jesse Hoskins, Longdale, Okla.

4th heat – 1. Chase Rudolf, Norwalk, Iowa; 2. Michael Johnson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 3. Fred Ryland, Brentwood, Calif.; 4. Brian Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 5. Danny Concelman, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 6. Brenden Damon, Great Bend, Kan.; 7. Jason Nation, Bakersfield, Calif.; 8. Bill Ferguson, Norwood, Colo.; 9. James Cecil, Bakersfield, Calif.; 10. Jason George, Laveen, Ariz.

5th heat – 1. Ryan Wolla, Williston, N.D.; 2. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; 3. Jordan Hagar, Bakersfield, Calif.; 4. Jeremy Hoff, Copperopolis, Calif.; 5. Sean Tyson, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 6. Brian Roode, Brooks, Alb.; 7. Ron Tex Jr., Papillion, Neb.; 8. Chuck Delp, Rock Springs, Wyo.; 9. Billy Simkins, Bakersfield, Calif.; 10. Greg Larson, Kindred, N.D.

6th heat – 1. Wayne Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 2. Varion Hetle, Underwood, N.D.; 3. Luke Krogh, Dickinson, N.D.; 4. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif.; 5. Jared Schweitzer, Bakersfield, Calif.; 6. Austin Frye, Taft, Calif.; 7. Travis Poll, Green River, Wyo.; 8. Buddy Ray Jones, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 9. Shawn Harker, Nebraska City, Neb.

1st “B” feature – 1. Adam Armstrong; 2. Nick Spainhoward; 3. Joey Yantis; 4. Arie Schouten; 5. Scott Saunders; 6. Ryan Gilland; 7. Mark Odgers; 8. Chuck Black; 9. Marisa Odgers; 10. Ricky Saunders; 11. Brenda Kirby; 12. Jason Wiley; 13. Ricky Childress Jr.; 14. Gary Dutton.

2nd “B” feature – 1. Nick Sylvester; 2. Brian Cooper; 3. Garrett Jernagan; 4. Danny Concelman; 5. Jason George; 6. Brenden Damon; 7. James Cecil; 8. Merl Fitzpatrick; 9. Rex Higgins; 10. Anthony Giuliani; 11. Jason Nation; 12. Rick Kretschmann; 13. Bill Ferguson; 14. Jesse Hoskins.

3rd “B” feature – 1. Chris Toth; 2. Brian Roode; 3. Billy Simkins; 4. Jeremy Hoff; 5. Chuck Delp; 6. Travis Poll; 7. Shawn Harker; 8. Austin Frye; 9. Jared Schweitzer; 10. Ron Tex Jr.; 11. Sean Tyson; 12. Buddy Ray Jones; 13. Greg Larson.

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