Round 2 voting starts for Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational 

BOONE, Iowa (July 29) – Fourteen more IMCA Modified drivers will be elected to the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational field, in voting that starts today (Wednesday) through the IMCA Facebook page.

Round two candidates all won 40-point features held between June 19 and July 16. Voting continues until Aug. 5.

The drivers with the top two vote totals in each of the five regions and four at-large candidates advance to the Friday, Sept. 11 Invitational during the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s at Boone Speedway.

Completing the starting field of 30 will be the All-Star candidates with the highest national point total and the most 40-point feature wins as of Sept. 4 not already elected and who are competing at Super Nationals.

Elected from the first round were Ricky Alvarado of Delta, Colo., William Gould of Calera, Okla., 2012 race winner Jordan Grabouski of Beatrice, Neb., Jimmy Gustin of Marshalltown, Richie Gustin of Gilman, Hunter Marriott of Brookfield, Mo., Kelly Shryock of Fertile, 2013 race winner Todd Shute of Des Moines, defending race winner Kyle Strickler of Mooresville, N.C., Jeff Taylor of Cave City, Ark., Ricky Thornton of Chandler, Ariz., A.J. Ward of Ionia, Mich., Tim Ward of Chandler, Ariz., and Keith White of Little River Academy, Texas.

Initial candidates included the winners of events paying $1,000 or more held since mid-July of 2014 and 2014 regional and state champions.

Round two All-Stars will be notified and the results announced as soon as possible next week.

The 30-car, 30-lap Invitational pays $1,000 to win and a minimum of $200 to start.

Listed alphabetically, candidates on the round two ballot include:

Dean Abbey, Chris Abelson, Bubba Alvarado, Jacob Anson, Drew Armstrong, J.D. Auringer, Robert Avery, Beau Ballard, Eric Barnes, Brandon Beckendorf, Eddie Belec, Jason Benjamin, Masen Big Eagle, Ezekiel Bishofberger, Dylan Book, Steven Bowers Jr. and Charles Brewer;

Beau Brown, Scotty Brown, Corey Burch, Austin Burke, Scott Busby, Dustin Cady, Ryan Canon, Mark Carrell, Clayton Christensen, Jeremy Christians, Kevin Clement, Tate Cole, Leroy Cook Jr., Jeff Coon, James Cornell, Kinzer Cox and Doug Curless;

Jason Czarapata, Eric Dailey, Nick Deal, Myron DeYoung, Cole Dick, Scott Dickey, Randy Dolberg, Jake Donnelly, J.P. Dowell, Corey Dripps, Donald Eischens, Eric Elliott, Mark Elliott, Alex Engelstad, Cole Ferguson, Frank Firari and Neal Flowers;

Troy Foulger, Garrett Funk, Darren Fuqua, Joey Galloway, Ryan Gaylord, Troy Gemmill, Van Gemmill, Josh Gilman, Oreste Gonella, Dwayne Grantham, Kevin Green, Jason Grimes, Heath Grizzle, Michael Hale, Bruce Hanford, Brett Hansen, John Hansen and Mike Hansen;

Clint Hatlestad, Chris Heim, Jon Herring, Shane Hiatt, Jared Hoefelman, Jesse Hoeft, Scott Hogan, Bobby Hogge IV, Roger Holder, Mitchell Hunt, Jeff Hunter, Jeremiah Hurst, Brian Irvine, Tyler Iverson, Billy Johnson, Michael Johnson, Justin Jones and Troy Jordan;

Ben Ketteman, Shawn Kilgore, Randy Klein, Jody Kropp, Jeremy Kuykendall, Benji LaCrosse, Corey Lagroon, Keith Lamphere, Adam Larson, Jeffrey Larson, Josh Long, Curt Lund, Blake Lyle, Eric Mahlik, Dev Malmlov, Eric Martini, Randy McDaniel and Josh McGaha;

Justin Medler, Jeremy Meirhofer, Chad Melton, Robert Miller, Jeremy Montgomery, Ron Moser, Mike Mullen, Matt Murphy, Mitch Murphy, David Murray Jr., Jordy Nelson, Roger Nielsen, Mark Norris, Scott Olson, Nick O’Neill, Jimmy Parker, Jeff Patchen and Jason Pershy;

Ryan Porter, Brad Pounds, Aaron Raby, Jimmy Reeves, Jesse Richter, Nick Roberts, Kyle Rohleder, Anthony Roth, Josh Ruby, Ryan Ruter, Johnny Saathoff, Jim Sandusky, Jack Sartain, Jamie Schmidt, Steve Schneider, Jason Schneiders, Lucas Schott and Brian Schultz,

Eric Scribner, Dylan Sherfick, Eddie Sites, Dustin Smith, Rich Smith, Jon Snyder, Donavon Sorenson, Roy Spielman, Alex Stanford, Michael Stoddard, Steve Stultz, Regan Tafoya, Jim Thies, Curtis Towns, Cole Traugott, Dominic Ursetta, R.M. Van Pay and Tim VanDemark;

Carter VanDenBerg, Gary VanderMark, Milo Veloz, Shawn Walsh, Jeff Walters, Will Ward, Mark Wauge, Kory Wermling, Mark Wermling, Johnny Whitman, Jerry Wilinski, Jesse Williamson, Spencer Wilson, Collen Winebarger, Robbie Witwer, Jason Wolla and Marcus Yarie.

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