Record Modified car count for Electric City, Spring Roundup 

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (April 25) – A record number of Modifieds and the division’s first-ever ‘B’ feature at Electric City Speedway drew their share of headlines at Saturday’s Spring Roundup.

North Dakota travelers Travis Peery and Jason Wolla ran 1-2 in the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified main event as long tows complemented a stellar contingent of home state drivers.

Twenty-seven Modifieds, the most in the 26 years the division has run at Great Falls, were on hand for the season-opening special.

“There have been a lot of Modifieds around us but we were on an island. We switched to IMCA (in 2014) and guys came from all over, Canada, North Dakota, Idaho and Montana,” promoter Dan Mann said. “It was a gathering of the regions.”

“We got rained out Friday but we had a good night on Saturday,” he added. “There was a good crowd and lots of cars. It was the first time ever we’ve had a ‘B’ main for the ‘A’ Mods.”

Peery earned $500 for his second IMCA feature win of the season. He’d started fourth and pulled away from the pack following the final restart, with seven laps left.

“I stumbled onto a setup that was wicked fast,” said Peery, who raced twice before at Electric City in 2013. “We got into lapped traffic and Jason pulled up next to me and gave the thumbs up. Once I got clean air I pulled a straightaway ahead on them.”

Wolla sped to second from 15th starting. Steve Arpin, Paul Leach and Merlin Sorenson completed the top five.

Feature results – 1. Travis Peery; 2. Jason Wolla; 3. Steve Arpin; 4. Paul Leach; 5. Merlin Sorenson; 6. Maurice Myre; 7. Jason Donnelly; 8. John Price; 9. Kory Wermling; 10. Zach Olson; 11. Lonnell Timmons; 12. Garth Dushanek; 13. Beau Brown; 14. Travis Panko; 15. Patrick Wal­lace; 16. Tommy Bush; 17. Mark Wermling; 18. John Norris; 19. Gary Hill; 20. Joey Price; 21. Tim Sorenson; 22. Jody Kropp; 23. Paul Donnelly; 24. Travis Hagen.

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