Precision Hydraulic & Oil backs IMCA series, Junior National Champion, Lady Eagle drivers

WRIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – Now helping IMCA grow in the Northeast, Precision Hydraulic & Oil owner Joe Infante is looking forward to meeting new friends and customers in the Midwest later this summer. The Wrightstown, N.J., company helps back the NY-Penn Modified Series and, as a new IMCA sponsor, gives awards to Junior National Champion and Lady Eagle drivers as well as to competitors at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s. “My family raced in the Northeast and I’ve been around racing for many years. I like the IMCA idea and I really like the IMCA point structure,” Infante said. “You don’t have to be going 120 miles an hour on the straightaway. When you have multiple guys going for the lead, it’s much more intriguing than if you have one or two.”  While specializing in custom-made hydraulic lines, Precision is a large supplier of hydraulic, motor and gear oils and greases, as well as rags, spill remediation, funnels, DEKA batteries, pumps and filters.  “We a master distributor for race-proven Xtreme Racing Oil [Read More]