New Raceway Park following guideline list for Sunday show

JEFFERSON, S.D. – The first event of the 2020 season is Sunday at The New Raceway Park, with numerous precautions in place for drivers and spectators alike.  Five IMCA divisions are on the April 26 card at Jefferson. Promoter Steve Kiraly said a list of guidelines would be followed to ensure safe distancing in the pits and grandstand alike. Hand sanitizer stations will be in place around the track and everyone must wear masks at all locations.   “We are taking this very seriously. We want to make an impression on the country on how we’re able to race and stay within health guidelines,” he emphasized.  Everyone attending will have their temperature taken and anyone with a temperature of 101.1 or above will not be allowed in the facility.  Teams must maintain a minimum of 10 feet apart in the pits and remain in their designated area until racing.  While the grandstands can seat 1,500, pre-sold tickets will be limited to 500; all spectators will be ushered in and bleachers have been marked off to provide [Read More]