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Close Racing Supply backs touring IMCA Modifieds in NY, PA

ELDRED, Pa. (May 31, 2023) – The not infrequent chats Close Racing Supply owner Joel Smith had with customer Jake Maynard frequently covered the topics of IMCA and Modifieds in general and IMCA Modifieds in particular. Those conversations ultimately led Close to taking on the title sponsor role for the then-new NY-Penn IMCA Modified Series three years ago. The Eldred, Pa., suspension component manufacturer and high performance parts retailer provides a portion of the point fund and helps Maynard, now the tour director, keep connected with other NY-Penn sponsors. “We have serviced the dirt track industry for more than 25 years and have always been in Modifieds. We’ve had some very good IMCA drivers come out of this area over the years,” Smith said. “We do a lot of traveling and get to Iowa for Super Nationals every year.” “I like everything about IMCA, especially the rules,” he continued. “Everything is done right.” Doing everything right was Maynard’s goal when he took over at the helm of the tour, and as director of the Eastern [Read More]