We want this week to be one of the most memorable in your racing career. IMCA and Boone Speedway officials will do our best to make that possible. While we can’t dictate what happens on the racetrack, we will do our best to dictate what happens off the racetrack. We will do everything possible to provide a fair opportunity for every racer to qualify for the feature events. The following procedures will be enforced throughout the Super Nationals.

Breakfast will be served by Saints Avenue Cafe at the Speedway
from 9-11:00 a.m. on Saturday through Saturday. 


IMCA staff in attendance and available: President, Brett Root; Vice President of Operations, Jim Stannard; Executive Director of Competition, Dave Brenn; Executive Secretary, Ryan Clark; Marketing Director, Carson Becker-Gramm; Director of Points and Membership, Virginia Lindsey and assistant, Kim Haines; Director of Media & Public relations, Bill Martin; Business Manager, Jodi Root; Director of Information Technology, Dan Engledow; Office Manager, Whitney Heneghan; Stock Car and Hobby Stock Director, Kirk Niehouse; Late Model Director, Joe Hayes; Regional Directors, Paul Vetter and Selby Holder.

Boone Speedway promoters and owners Robert and Bea Lawton and Kathy Root.

Daily Race Schedules

Saturday (Prelude) – Mod Lite qualifying races; independent program for Modifieds, Stock Cars and Sport Compacts. Hot laps all other divisions.

Sunday (Prelude) – Mod Lite qualifying races, RoC and Super Nationals main event; independent program for Hobby Stocks and SportMods. Hot laps all other divisions.

Monday – SportMod and Hobby Stock qualifying races and RoC qualifying; entire program for Late Models. Hot laps all divisions.

Tuesday – SportMod and Hobby Stock qualifying races and RoC features; entire program for Sport Compacts. Hot laps all other divisions only.

Wednesday – LCQ’s for SportMods and Hobby Stocks (top 24 in points only). Stock Car and Modified qualifying races; qualifying for Stock Car All Star Invitational. Hot laps.

Thursday – Stock Car and Modified qualifying races; qualifying for Modified RoC and All Star Invitational; Stock Car All Star Invitational feature event. No hot laps.

Friday – Stock Car and Modified qualifying races; qualifying for the Stock Car RoC; Modified All Star Invitational feature event. No hot laps.

Saturday- LCQ’s for Stock Cars and Modifieds (all in attendance); Stock Car and Modified RoC features; Super Nationals Big Dance main events for Hobby Stocks, SportMods, Stock Cars and Modifieds. No hot laps.


This is the IMCA Super Nationals. We will follow IMCA divisional rules for each division. No alternatives. No exceptions.


All drivers must register and draw each day for starting position in the registration tent (located directly north of the pay shack). In all divisions heats and features will be determined by draw/redraw format, but points will be given for all races (heats, “B’s” and “A” features). Initial draw is between 1-300. Draw for Hobby Stocks and SportMods will be split into two sections on Tuesday. Those drawing 1-150 on Monday will draw from 151-300 on Tuesday and vice versa. For Modifieds and Stock Cars, draw will be split in three sections on Thursday and Friday. For example, if Driver A draws between 1-100 on Wednesday, they will draw between 101-200 on Thursday and 201-300 on Friday. Likewise, if Driver B draws between 101-200 on Wednesday, they will draw between 201-300 on Thursday and 1-100 on Friday, and so on. Final LCQ races in each division will be lined up based on total accumulated points for the event, high point totals to the front.


Be ready! Drivers are responsible to know when their scheduled events are to begin. Drivers not in the lineup in staging area when the white flag falls in the race immediately prior to their race will be placed at the rear of the lineup. Drivers not in lineup in staging area when the checkered flag falls will be allowed to compete in that event only at the discretion of the pit official. If you miss your heat race, you will not be placed in another heat.

Starts and restarts

Front row cars should maintain a controlled pace until the green flag is displayed. Failure to do so may result in both front cars being sent to the rear of the field. After first lap is completed, all restarts in heat races and B’s will be single file. In all FEATURE races, restarts will be double file, with the leader out front. All starts and restarts will be nose-to-tail and all cars MUST stay directly behind the car in front of them. Any driver jumping the start or pulling out of line prior to a restart will be penalized two positions for each car passed, either at the next caution or at the end of the race. Penalized cars will be notified via RACEceiver. KEEP NOSE TO TAIL! During caution periods, cars should immediately get single file. Once single file, cars will be moved into their proper positions using RACEceiver and track scoreboard. Any driver who does not follow instructions will be sent to the rear of the field.  

Stopping on the track

The key word is “STOPPED.” In all qualifying races, any driver who stops for any reason after entering the racetrack (other than at an officials’ request) will be disqualified. In all feature races, driver will be sent to rear of field for first offense stopping and disqualified for second offense. Any driver stopping to argue with officials will be disqualified.

Working on cars

No pit crew work on cars is allowed during heats races. In all FEATURE races, all work on race cars must be done in the designated Boone Speedway work area. All cars entering the work area, whether during yellow or red flag, will restart at the back of the field. Pit crews are not allowed on the track at any time, for any reason. Any car entering the pits during a race (and not the designated work area) is not permitted to re-enter that race.

Flat tires

We do not stop ANY race for a flat tire! Drivers who stop on the track as a result of a flat tire during green flag conditions will be disqualified from that race. Drivers who experience a flat tire under green flag conditions are encouraged to exit the racetrack as quickly and safely as possible, by exiting into the pits or infield area. In all feature races, drivers who experience a flat tire as a result of an accident (producing a caution) should immediately go to work area. No courtesy laps or time limit is given, but drivers will be allowed to re-enter the track if the tire is changed before the next restart. Drivers will be allowed to re-enter the track only at the discretion of the pit officials and will be positioned at the back of the field.

Lapped cars

All lapped cars will be positioned at the back of the field on realignments and will be “unlapped” one lap in scoring. 

Spin rule

Handled the same as stopping on the track. In all qualifying races, a “one spin” rule will be in effect. Any car stopped on the track when the yellow flag is initially displayed will be considered involved and will be disqualified from that race. In all feature races, there will be a “two spin” rule in effect.

Time limits

All races, with the exception of the Super Nationals Big Dance Championship races, will be run under the standard Boone Speedway time rules. One minute per scheduled lap (excluding red flag situations). An 8-lap race has an 8-minute time limit. Should any race exceed its time limit under green flag conditions the event is over at the next caution flag or checkered flag (whichever comes first) and scored accordingly.

Completed lap rule

All laps, except the first, are considered complete and will be counted when the lead car crosses the finish line. Any car crossing the line prior to a yellow/red flag will be scored. All cars crossing after the yellow/red has been displayed will be lined up by their positions on the previous lap with the car(s) causing the yellow/red going to the rear of field. This is not to be determined as “racing to the yellow.” When the yellow/red flag situation occurs, get off the throttle as soon as it is safely possible to do so. All features will finish under green flag conditions – no Yellow/Checkers. 

RACEceivers and MyLaps Transponders

All divisions are required to use BOTH. We do NOT use the default channel. RACEceivers MUST use channel 300, frequency 453.7375. Please set your RACEceiver accordingly. RACEceivers are available for purchase at the IMCA pit vending trailer. MyLaps Transponders may be rented in the registration tent for $10 per day for the event. Transponder must be properly mounted in designated location or risk disqualification. 


Except In Rare Instances. There may be some situations that may occur that are not covered in this information, or in the IMCA rules. Decisions made by IMCA and Boone Speedway officials on all situations will be final and binding.


Drivers are Independent Contractors, the sole spokesperson for their team and responsible for their conduct and that of their crew members. Fighting at the event (at any time) is not permitted. Drivers and crew members may not consume alcohol of any kind until the final event has been completed each evening. Good conduct should carry over to your activities away from the racetrack as well. Please remember, we are guests of the community of Boone. Any driver/crew acting in a manner that is deemed detrimental to IMCA or Boone Speedway may receive a fine, suspension or disqualification from the Super Nationals event.

Solicitation at Event

Any individual, including drivers and crew members, discovered selling or distributing any form of advertising or product that has not been pre-approved by IMCA will be removed from the Boone Speedway property for the remainder of the event. Exception is Manufacturers Row vendors and drivers competing at the event selling their personal race apparel. No Super Nationals apparel (or likeness) will be permitted to be sold.

Manufacturers Row

Many of the companies offering contingencies at Super Nationals are participating on Manufacturers Row. Please visit the north pit area for all your product needs, including tires, fuel, shocks and wheels. Reputable and knowledgeable industry representatives will answer your questions. Please support the companies that support IMCA and the Super Nationals, including those located in the City of Boone.

Decals and contingencies

Many companies are offering contingency products and cash awards at the Super Nationals. All IMCA required membership decals must be on the car to be eligible for contingency awards. All qualifying cars will be checked for decal usage during post-race inspection. Some of these awards/prizes are contingent upon decal use. 


Driver’s IMCA license and MRP card must be presented to collect any purse money. No purse money will be distributed if the driver’s IMCA license card and MRP card does not accompany person collecting it. Payoff will be made each night at the pay shack. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Goods

Boone Speedway and IMCA are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods during the course of the week. Please make sure all your equipment is always secure. Get to know your pit stall neighbors! 

Inclement Weather (single day rainouts)

Saturday – If Saturday’s program is rained out, the entire Mod Lite program will run on Sunday and the Modifieds, Stock Cars and Sport Compacts will be canceled.

Sunday – If Sunday’s program is rained out, the Mod Lites will complete their event on Monday and the Hobby Stocks and SportMods will be canceled.

Monday – If Monday’s program is rained out, there will be two reformatted shows on Tuesday (no hot laps), starting at 9:00 a.m., and the Late Models will be canceled.

Tuesday – If Tuesday’s program is rained out, there will be two reformatted shows on Wednesday (no hot laps), starting at 9:00 a.m., and the Sport Compacts will be canceled.

Wednesday – If Wednesday’s program is rained out, there will be two reformatted shows on Thursday (no hot laps), starting at 9:00 a.m.

Thursday – If Thursday’s program is rained out, there will be two reformatted shows on Friday (no hot laps), starting at 9:00 a.m.

Friday – If Friday’s program is rained out, action will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday (no hot laps). There will be the regular Friday night program for Modifieds and Stock Cars, including the All Star Invitational. The top eight drivers from those qualifying features will comprise the outside row for the Super Nationals feature race. There will be no last chance races, and the remaining spots will be taken from point standings.

Saturday – Every effort will be made to complete the program on Saturday evening, regardless of time. However, if the track is not ready for competition by 10:00 p.m., there will be no last chance races and the remainder of the Modified and Stock Car features will be filled in from point standings. Should the program be under way, and the weather look threatening, the Modified feature will be the first on the track.

Sunday – should Saturday rainout, IMCA reserves the right to complete any portion of the Super Nationals program on Sunday.

Note: Any day, should any races be completed and the remainder of the program be rained out, there will be no rain checks issued and the program will be completed the next day as per the above schedule. Everyone will be required to purchase a pit pass or admission ticket the next day.