IMCA releases 2022 Northern SportMod, Modified, Stock Car, Late Model rules

VINTON, Iowa – 2022 rules for another four IMCA divisions have been announced and posted on the IMCA website.

Rules items to note for Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods include: 

*The minimum wheelbase is 108 inches, the maximum wheelbase 112 inches with a maximum one inch difference from side to side. 

*Air cleaner top is a maximum of six inches above the hood. 

*Must use 16 inch minimum, 19 inch maximum lower control arms. The rear lower control arm must be centered under the axle tube (with a one inch tolerance) and bolted a minimum of two inches to a maximum of five inches from the bottom of the housing.

*Tires may be ground, straight siped or grooved.

*The air cleaner top, stud and base cannot direct air into the carburetor. No top flow housings, air cleaner inserts or cold air boxes.

*All engines must use unaltered MSD #8727CT rev control and maximum 6,200 rpm chip for crate engines and maximum 6,800 rpm chip for claim engines.

*No oil pan vents.

“Any of the Northern SportMod rules we have clarified or changed fall in line with our general philosophy of what this division was meant to be, a limited drive train, limited rear suspension car,” said IMCA President Brett Root. “When we see things migrating away from that, we are forced to act.” 

IMCA Modified rule clarifications to note are: 

*Air cleaner top is a maximum of six inches above the hood. 

*And crate engines must use a maximum 6,800 rpm rev limiter.

IMCA Sunoco Stock Car rule clarifications that should be noted include: 

*A maximum three inch plastic skirting is allowed on the nose and tailpiece. 

*Air cleaner top is a maximum of 3.5 inches above the hood. 

*Quarter panels and trunk lid must slope down a minimum of one inch toward the tailpiece.

*Aluminum or plastic rocker skirt/flare are allowed on doors and rear quarter panels and must match from side to side.

*The dash must be flat and extend from door to door.

*Conventional top mount weight jacks are allowed in the original centerline of the spring tower. 

*Tires may be ground, straight siped or grooved. 

*The air cleaner top, stud and base cannot direct air into the carburetor. No top flow housings, air cleaner inserts, cold air boxes or duct work.

*Violation of the cubic inch limit will result in disqualification, loss of all points for the season, a $1,000 fine and 30-day suspension.

*And, as took effect during the 2021 season, the maximum rear height, as measured at the top of the tailpiece, is 42 inches. 

“More of the clarifications announced for the Stock Cars revolve around body rules and engine performance,” Root stated. “Again, more of what we are seeing is getting away from the intent of the division.”

And clarifications to note for IMCA Sunoco Late Models are: 

*The body line must be a smooth, even line from front to rear. Front fenders and hood must be level and flat from the left side to the right side of the car and at least as far back as the engine plate. 

*Maximum 90 inch front track width and maximum 88 inch rear track width, measured outside of tire to outside of tire. 

*The maximum 39 inch deck height will be measured with a maximum of 15 inches to the top of the right front splitter. 

*No softening, conditioning, siping, grooving or aggressive grinding of tires; Sanding allowed on tire tread only. 

*The fuel cell can must be a minimum 20 gauge steel or 0.060 aluminum with an SFI 28.3 spec bladder. 

*And engine location will be measured from the centerline of the upper ball joint to the back of the block.

“We have clarified some very important body dimensions and measurements in the Late Models, most notably the right front splitter can be 15 inches,” Root said.

Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock and Mach-1 Sport Compact rules were announced and posted in late November. The maximum extended shock length for Hobby Stocks has since been increased to 20.5 inches.

STARS Mod Lite and RaceSaver Sprint Car officials will release rules for those divisions.