IMCA sets maximum rear tail height for Stock Cars, Hobby Stocks

VINTON, Iowa – IMCA has announced that maximum rear tail heights for Stock Cars will be set at 42 inches and at 40 inches for Hobby Stocks.

The rule goes into effect on June 1. Height measurements will be enforced across the top of the rear tailpiece in both divisions.

“The rear tailpiece mounting rule, along with the rule that doesn’t permit any rear bumper bars to be lower than the tailpiece, has always controlled this issue,” said IMCA President Brett Root. “The height of aftermarket tailpieces has always been in the 20-23 inch range and we do not permit additional plastic to be mounted to the bottom of the tailpiece. All of these issues control the rear trunk height. However, creative personal interpretation and ignoring some of these rules in combination with adjustable body mounts has forced IMCA to publish a dimension that all cars will be required to follow.”

“Due to the different body makes and models IMCA permits in the Stock Car division, 42 inches is plenty of rear tail height in that division and 40 inches for the Hobby Stocks is plenty of tail height in that division.” 

Root also noted that Stock Car or Hobby Stock bodies can no longer be mounted on adjustable mounts.

“Adjustable mounts need to be welded solid after June 1 as well,” he said. “We’re not going to chase this issue all year long and allow it to get even worse before 2022. After June 1, 2021, any violation of these rules will result in a two-position post-race deduction.”