IMCA Coronavirus Response Broadcast Program

VINTON, Iowa – In response to the continued uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, IMCA has developed guidance and planning for IMCA member tracks to execute the live-streamed broadcasting of events.

The primary goal of IMCA has always been to ensure health and provide certainty to member tracks, and given the current environment, we feel our responsibility to explore all options for operation to our promoters.

With this program, IMCA will make every effort to provide member tracks with simple, turn-key options for video broadcasting equipment, execution guidance, and the platform for distribution and payment. Through our newly formed relationship with the SPEED SPORT Network, IMCA.TV will be launched to provide a single video platform destination for all IMCA member tracks. “We will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure our tracks can continue operation,” said Brett Root, President of IMCA.

Each track will determine pricing and purchasing options based on their unique considerations. Options for standalone pay-per-view or subscription-based live-streamed video will be available. We will connect you with our regional broadcast affiliates for production or provide training if an affiliate is unavailable. At a future date, tracks will have the opportunity to create their own white-labelled website, channels, and phone apps.

“Broadcasting is an essential marketing and revenue tool for promoters. In these extremely challenging times, we want to make it as seamless as possible for member tracks to have access to broadcasting, and ultimately, to survive today and thrive over the long run,” said Joe Tripp, SPEED SPORT CEO.

IMCA and SPEED SPORT have begun the process of securing equipment and creating planning timelines. We will provide ongoing guidance as more details become available. The preliminary launch date is scheduled for May 7th. 

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