Junior National Championship contenders should contact IMCA for 2020 licenses, minor release form

VINTON, Iowa – The best time for drivers planning to chase IMCA inaugural’s Junior National Championship to get licenses purchased and minor release forms completed is right now.

“With the start of the 2020 point season coming up for much of the country in the next month, we are recommending that drivers who plan to race for Junior National Championship honors get that paperwork done as soon as possible,” IMCA President Brett Root said. 

“Instead of buying licenses and filling out minor release paperwork at their local track,” he added, “we strongly suggest those drivers contact Director of Membership and Points Virginia Lindsey (319 472-2201 or vlindsey@imca.com) to get the process started as soon as possible.”

Drivers between the ages of 14 and 18 in all eight IMCA divisions compete for the Junior National Championship, with point standings to be based on the best 20 finishes in their first 40 starts. 

While the Junior National Champion receives a trophy, ring and jacket, top 10 drivers in point standings all earn $500 scholarships applicable toward post-high school education.

Scholarship funds will be paid when drivers register for their first year of higher education. To be eligible for the Junior National Championship, drivers must turn 14 by Aug. 31 and must not turn 19 before May 31.

“We want every driver who wants to run for the Junior National Championship to be eligible to do so and we anticipate that many of them will start the new season racing at weekly and/or special events in the next four weeks,” Root said.

“It will be much easier for everyone involved if those drivers contact Virginia at the home office and we can get the application process completed before they start racing and ensure these races count toward the Junior National Championship,” he emphasized. “Any minor not submitting the proper forms risks those events not counting toward the point standings.”