Double winner Grabouski bags bonus, Bade best in Ice Breaker Sprint feature

Jordan Grabouski earned a $1,000 Twice Is Nice bonus by winning both Ice Breaker Challenge features at Eagle Raceway’s season-opening Ice Breaker Challenge. (Photo by Joe Orth)

By Greg Soukup 

EAGLE, Neb. (April 19-20) – Two IMCA Modified feature wins earned Jordan Grabouski a bonus while Shayle Bade took opening night honors in the Sprint Series of Nebraska at Eagle Raceway’s Ice Breaker Challenge.

Grabouski, the defending national champion, topped both $1,000 to win Friday and $2,000 to win Saturday features, an accomplishment that paid off with a $1,000 Twice Is Nice bonus. 

Bade made her move to the front late in Saturday’s Sprint Car headliner to earn a $1,000 payday of her own.

Already on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot, Grabouski outran Anthony Roth and Brandon Spanjer in the race for the opening night checkers in the Auto Trans Matic-presented special.

The leader when the first circuit was scored on Saturday, Grabouski stayed at the front while the rest of the top four spots shuffled behind him. 

Roth raced his way into second with 12 laps to go, tried high and low and got close to Grabouski but was never able to make a run and repeated as runner-up. Third went to Mike Densberger.

Bade got a great run on a green, white, checkered restart, getting past Tyler Drueke for the lead and holding on for the victory. Toby Chapman was third. 

Shayle Bade got the best of her IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car foes when the Sprint Series of Nebraska opened Saturday during the Ice Breaker Challenge.

Other Friday winners were Shane Stutzman in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, Dillon Richards in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks and Matthew Andrews in the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods. 

Checkers flew Saturday for Lance Borgman in the SportMods and Josh Young in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts.

Stutzman regained the lead from Grabouski in traffic nearing the finish line. Third went to Scott Carlson.

Richards led Nick Beckman and Roy Armstrong across the stripe.

Andrews had control from the start of the Friday SportMod feature. Adam Armstrong and Cody Thompson ran second and third, respectively. 

A double winner at last year’s event, Borgman raced his way back to victory lane on Saturday with Andrews and Shawn Harker in pursuit. 

Young’s Sport Compact victory came ahead of John Martinez and Shawn Hein.

April 19 Feature Results 

Modifieds – 1. Jordan Grabouski; 2. Anthony Roth; 3. Brandon Spanjer; 4. Ryan Jenkins; 5. Mike Densberger; 6. Bob Zoubek; 7. Terry Hurt; 8. Chad Andersen; 9. Jacob Hobscheidt; 10. Dan Nelson; 11. Josh Blumer; 12. Rik Gropp; 13. Jesse Skalicky; 14. John Burrow Jr.; 15. Randy Foote; 16. Jaxon Saathoff; 17. Jordy Nelson; 18. Bob Ruisinger; 19. Nate Thompson; 20. R.J. Merchant.

Stock Cars – 1. Shane Stutzman; 2. Jordan Grabouski; 3. Scott Carlson; 4. Ryan Harris; 5. Kyle Vanover; 6. Eric Rempel; 7. Jeff Whiting; 8. Matt Boucher; 9. Todd Gereau; 10. Aaron Cain; 11. Eric Bartels; 12. John Bruegman;  13. Jason Kreft; 14. Doug Adamy; 15. John Meyer; 16. Michael Sherwood; 17. Paul Burck; Tyler Easterday; 19. Jake McCloud; 20. Greg Taylor.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Dillon Richards; 2. Nick Beckman; 3. Roy Armstrong; 4. David Carter; 5. Jake Harms; 6. Michael Hansen; 7. Ben Becher; 8. Jeff Watts; 9. Brint Lemke; 10. Hunter Wergin; 11. Brandon Wergin; 12. Brian Lemke; 13. Cole Krichau; 14. Khrysta Stransky; 15. Nathan Refior; 16. Daniel Jackson; 17. Chantel Bade; 18. Robert Gould; 19. Tyler Jackson; 20. Jamie Bruce.

Northern SportMods – 1. Matthew Andrews; 2. Adam Armstong; 3. Cody Thompson; 4. Lance Borgman; 5. Derek Hall; 6. Jeff Brunssen; 7. Joe Feyen; 8. Cole Wayman; 9. Adam Vrbka; 10. Dion Kovar; 11. Joe Schidler; 12. Brandon Schmidt; 13. Shawn Harker; 14. Gunnar Pike; 15. Lee Horky; 16. Beau Riffel; 17. Nick Morris; 18. Mike Scheinost; 19. Jarred Hackler; 20. Mary Lenz. 

April 20 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Grabouski; 2. Roth; 3. Densberger; 4. Jenkins; 5. Skalicky; 6. Zoubek; 7. Jordya Nelson; 8. Shane Hiatt; 9. Dan Nelson; 10. Justin Wulf; 11. Burrow; 12. Gropp; 13. Aaron Pella; 14. Hobscheidt; 15. Hurt; 16. Thompson; 17. Spanjer; 18. Chevy Hadan; 19. Johnny Saathoff; 20. Chad Andersen.

Sprint Cars – 1. Shayle Bade; 2. Tyler Drueke; 3. Toby Chapman; 4. Cody Ledger; 5. Joey Danley; 6. Stuart Snyder; 7. Mike Boston; 8. Doug Lovegrove; 9. Ryan King; 10. Kaleb Johnson; 11. Clint Benson; 12. Jason Danley; 13. Josh Riggins; 14. Shon Pointer; 15. Gene Ackland; 16. Ryan Kitchen; 17. Jason Martin; 18. Chad Koch; 19. Terry Richards; 20. Chase Weiler.

Northern SportMods – 1. Lance Borgman; 2. Matthew Andrews; 3. Shawn Harker; 4. Gunnar Pike; 5. Cody Thompson; 6. Jason Harms; 7. Adam Armstrong; 8. Lee Horky; 9. Jarred Hackler; 10. Cole Wayman; 11. Bobby Draper; 12. Joe Feyen; 13. Rusty Montagne; 14. Dion Kovar; 15. Arie Schouten; 16. Roger Sluka; 17. Derek Hall; 18. Joe Schidler; 19. Paul Donovan; 20. Adam Vrbka.

Sport Compacts – 1. Josh Young; 2. John Martinez; 3. Shawn Hein; 4. Dillon Richards; 5. Cole Krichau; 6. Trenten Fugett; 7. Drake Bohlmeyer; 8. Nathan Wahlstrom; 9. Adam Reifler; 10. Noah Boller; 11. Ryan Schwab; 12. Devin Bruce; 13. Tim Horsham; 14. Steffen Oaks; 15. Bryce Walker; 16. Tyler Masek; 17. Kelly Petersen; 18. Michelle Nicholson; 19. Braydon Thornton; 20. Luke Nicholson.