Speedway Motors unveils rebrand with new look and ‘What Moves You’ campaign

LINCOLN, Neb. – Speedway Motors, known for its dedication to serving auto enthusiasts, is celebrat­ing the success of the Lincoln-based company and looking ahead to the future by unveil­ing a new look and announcing the ‘What Moves You’ campaign. 

“We love helping car lovers make the most of their time under the hood and behind the wheel,” said Betsy Grindlay, Director of Marketing. “We like to think of ourselves as partners in your pas­sion. We wanted to update our brand to something that our customers felt like they could relate to now and that generations to come could to relate to as well.” 

Speedway Motors, founded in 1952 by Joyce and “Speedy” Bill Smith, provides hot rod and rac­ing parts to customers not only in the Midwest, but worldwide. The company prides itself on help­ing those passionate about racing and restoring with affordable prices, expert advice and hassle-free service. Speedway Motors employs over 400 people in their 500,000 square foot facility in Lincoln. 

“The ‘What Moves You’ campaign, will give our customers, followers and community a chance to share their stories on what they are passionate about, for a chance to win a $300 cash prize,” said Betsy. Why $300? Joyce Smith gave “Speedy” Bill Smith a $300 loan to start Speedway Mo­tors in 1952.

“We want to help others realize their dreams, just like Joyce helped Bill 67 years ago. Whether that’s the pride of sharing your passion with the next generation, making your community a better place or building your own business, we want to hear what moves you,“ Grindlay said. 

For more information about the brand update and to submit a story for the ‘What Moves You’ cam­paign, visit SpeedwayMotors.com/featured/whatmovesyou.