Rudolf slays qualifying feature foes

Chase Rudolf impressed in winning the Monday night qualifying feature for Northern SportMods at Boone Speedway. (Photo by Carl Larson)

BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 3) – His dominating run at the front of the Monday night qualifying feature field put Chase Rudolf on the pole for the Northern SportMod main event at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s.

Rudolf led every lap, mastering lapped traffic much of the second half of the 25-lapper.

The rest of the top eight finishers lining up behind him on the inside row will be Chad Ryerson, 2014 champion Johnathon Logue, Brayton Carter, Joe Docekal, Jarred Hackler, 25th starting Gunnar Pike and 29th starting Ty Rogers, the first Arizona driver to suit up for the big Northern SportMod dance. Jake McBirnie was disqualified in post-race tech for an illegal front end component, Zech Norgaard and Rodger Peck for compression and Robert Draper for a rear end violation.

Logue will make his career fifth Super Nationals start, Ryerson his fourth, Docekal his third, Carter, Pike and Rudolf each their second, and Hackler and Rogers both their second.

Feature results – 1. Chase Rudolf, Norwalk; 2. Chad Ryerson, Wellsburg; 3. Johnathon Logue, Boone; 4. Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa; 5. Joe Docekal, Dysart; 6. Jarred Hackler, Juniata, Neb.; 7. Gunnar Pike, South Bend, Neb.; 8. Ty Rogers, Somerton, Ariz.; 9. Tyler Titus, Baxter; 10. Sean Manning, Bennington, Neb.; 11. Cameron Meyer, Pierce, Neb.; 12. Cody Schroeder, Manitowoc, Wis.; 13. Dustin Lynch, Boone; 14. Timothy Warner, Malone; 15. Adam Birck, Canton, Mo.; 16. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville, Wis.; 17. Jaylen Wettengel, Topeka, Kan.; 18. Austin Luellen, Minburn; 19. Cory Pestotnik, Boone; 20. Dusty Masolini, Des Moines; 21. Doug Smith, Lake City; 22. J.J. Baumli, Lathrop, Mo.; 23. Anthony Kobus, David City, Neb.; 24. Chase Alves, Peoria, Ariz.; 25. Doug Cook, Algona; 26. Bill Wears, Des Moines.