David Rieks

David Rieks of Eldora took the lead on the fifth circuit and checked out on everybody in winning Wednesday’s last-chance feature for the Hobby Stocks.

The 25-lapper ran green to checkered and Rieks was more than half a lap ahead of runner-up and defending champion Andrew Burg of Carlisle at the finish.

Rieks and Burg will be joined in rounding out the Saturday main event field by Seth Janssen of Ogden, Jeremiah Wilson of Waterloo, Tyson Overton of Carlisle and Drew Barglof of Sioux Rapids.

Burg will make his career sixth championship night start at Super Nationals. Rieks, Overton and Barglof are each in the big show for the third time, Janssen and Wilson both for the first.

Feature results –  1. David Rieks, Eldora; 2. Andrew Burg, Carlisle; 3. Seth Janssen, Ogden; 4. Jeremiah Wilson, Waterloo; 5. Tyson Overton, Carlisle; 6. Drew Barglof, Sioux Rapids; 7. Kyle Sidles, Algona; 8. Matt Brown, Dysart; 9. Eric Knutsen, Slater; 10. Brian Stich, Topeka, Kan.; 11. Ryan Wells, Runnells; 12. Dustin Graham, Boone; 13. TeJay Mielke, Norfolk, Neb.; 14. John Briggs, Cherokee; 15. Tyler Hinrichs, Americus, Kan.; 16. Andrew Borchardt, Plymouth; 17. Parker Larson, Granada, Minn.; 18. Daniel Ayers, Webster City; 19. Lenny Tucker, South Sioux City, Neb.; 20. Gary Pesicka, Burt; 21. Andrew Claus, Des Moines; 22. Jason Fusselman, Shelby; 23. Kyle Davis, Hinton; 24. Craig Clift, Sioux City.