Noteboom, Zeitner score Modified gold at Park Jefferson’s Iron Cup

First-and second-place showings at Park Jefferson’s Sept. 17-18 special earned overall Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified Iron Cup honors for Jay Noteboom. (Photo by Jim Steffens)

JEFFERSON, S.D. (Sept. 17-18) – Jay Noteboom returned to a track he’s raced at for 20-plus years to win the Iron Cup opening night Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified feature and $1,000.

Justin Zeitner returned from his honeymoon to win the second night show and $1,000 of his own at Park Jefferson Speedway.

Both drivers earned spots on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot with their victories.

Noteboom started third in Saturday’s 20-lapper, passed Travis Hatcher for the lead and held onto the front spot following a late restart, beating Chris Abelson to the line by a couple car lengths.

“The car was pretty good. I was able to get through (turns) one and two a little better than any­body else,” he said. “I should be able to do that, I’ve raced here long enough (since 1995).’

Shane DeMey, Jim Thies and Jason Schneiders rounded out the top five.

“I’d won a weekly show here earlier this year,” said Noteboom, whose two-day point total for the division earned him the Iron Cup trophy. “It’s good to be able to come back and win an All-Star qualifier and get your name on the ballot right away.”

Zeitner had gotten married on Sept. 10, honeymooned in Aruba and got home around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Wife Jasmine wanted to take care of stuff around the house so he loaded up the trailer and headed to Park Jefferson.

Zeitner led early before giving up the lead to Abelson. After a caution with four laps left, Zeitner regained the front spot coming to the white flag. Noteboom gained second on the last circuit and finished three car lengths off the pace.

“It was a pretty exciting race,” understated Zeitner, also the winner of a weekly show there earlier this season.

Completing the top five were Abelson, Ricky Stephan and Ryan Topf.

Also taking home trophies for finishing with the top point totals for the two-day special in their respec­tive divisions were Tom McKenzie in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, Jake Sachau in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods, Craig Clift in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks and Tyler Thomp­son in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts.

Elijah Zevenbergen was the opening night Stock Car winner, ahead of Travis Barker and Ryan Harris. Bo Lundquist, Cory Dumpert and McKenzie ran 1-2-3 on Sunday.

Sachau swept the Northern SportMod features, leading Kyle Prauner and Jeff Brunssen across the stripe on Saturday. Todd Boulware was second and Karl Brewer third in the Sunday show.

Andy Hoffman topped the opener for Hobby Stocks with David Miller and Clift in tow. Clift and Craig Brotherton chased Dave Riley to the Sunday checkers.

Thompson, Jake Newsom and Tim Cass were Saturday’s Sport Compact top three. Caine Mahl­berg, Luke Jackson and Don Tank were the top three on Sunday.

Sept. 17 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Jay Noteboom; 2. Chris Abelson; 3. Shane DeMey; 4. Jim Thies; 5. Jason Schnei­ders; 6. R.J. Merchant; 7. Jim Mathieson; 8. Anthony Roth; 9. Sean Barragan; 10. Harvey Vande Weerd; 11. Ryan Topf; 12. Terry Berg Jr.; 13. Bob Moore; 14. Ron Beckstrom; 15. Daniel Log­gins; 16. Ricky Stephan; 17. Shawn Bearce; 18. Travis Hatcher; 19. Justin Sackett; 20. Jay Goos­mann; 21. Jim Cole; 22. Jeff James; 23. Steve Reynolds; 24. Bob Fleshman.

Stock Cars – 1. Elijah Zevenbergen; 2. Travis Barker; 3. Ryan Harris; 4. Tom McKenzie; 5. Chad Bruns; 6. Paul Wenzlaff; 7. Bo Lundquist; 8. Zach Ankrum; 9. Mike Stapleton; 10. Aaron Guil­laume; 11. Aaron Cain; 12. Casey Jones; 13. Dylan Fitzpatrick; 14. Sean Lakes; 15. Greg Taylor Jr.; 16. Glen Jones.

Northern SportMods – 1. Jake Sachau; 2. Kyle Prauner; 3. Jeff Brunssen; 4. Josh Blom; 5. Todd Boulware; 6. Darin Roepke; 7. Karl Brewer; 8. Cameron Vande Weerd; 9. Justin Voeltz; 10. Keith Sanders; 11. Kaleb Kennedy; 12. Dennis Engelhaupt; 13. Mike Grass; 14. Mary Lenz; 15. Corey Hoogland; 16. Neil Bruns; 17. Trent Roth; 18. Aaron Dethury; 19. A.J. Boulware; 20. John Foreman.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Andy Hoffman; 2. David Miller; 3. Craig Clift; 4. Paul Menard; 5. John Cain; 6. Dustin Gulbrandson; 7. Spanier; 8. Jon Androy; 9. Mike Hanson; 10. Dave Riley; 11. Justin Regne­rus; 12. Todd Caster; 13. Lenny Tucker; 14. Ben Schneiders; 15. Austin Pinney; 16. Nick DeMara; 17. Allan Hesse.

Sport Compacts – 1. Tyler Thompson; 2. Jake Newsom; 3. Tim Cass; 4. Max Bonine; 5. Randy Cass; 6. David Bates; 7. Mitch Schultze; 8. Don Tank; 9. Phillip McKee; 10. Drew Johnson; 11. Cody Rush; 12. Jayme Mohr; 13. Caine Mahlberg; 14. Andrew Harris; 15. Luke Jackson; 16. Seth Bod­lak.

Sept. 18 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Justin Zeitner; 2. Noteboom; 3. Abelson; 4. Stephan; 5. Topf; 6. Moore; 7. Roth; 8. Bar­ragan; 9. Merchant; 10. Mathieson; 11. Schneiders; 12. Vande Weerd; 13. Cole; 14. Loggins; 15. Reynolds; 16. Demey; 17. Bob Fleshman; 18. Bearce; 19. Goosmann; 20. Berg; 21. Thies.

Stock Cars – 1. Lundquist; 2. Cory Dumpert; 3. McKenzie; 4. Cain; 5. Stapleton; 6. Jones; 7. Guil­laume; 8. Ankrum; 9. Jim Hall; 10. Barker; 11. Brandon Schoen; 12. Harris; 13. Colby Klaas­sen; 14. Bruns; 15. Wenzlaff; 16. Jones; 17. Taylor; 18. Fitzpatrick.

Northern SportMods – 1. Sachau; 2. Boulware; 3. Brewer; 4. Brunssen; 5. Blom; 6. Kennedy; 7. Roepke; 8. Aaron Plum; 9. Lenz; 10. Grass; 11. Voeltz; 12. Boulware; 13. Vande Weerd; 14. Fore­man; 15. Aaron Dethury; 16. Prauner; 17. Sanders.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Riley; 2. Clift; 3. Craig Brotherton; 4. Hanson; 5. Miller; 6. Menard; 7. Androy; 8. Gulbrandson; 9. Spanier; 10. Schneiders; 11. Cain; 12. Hoffman; 13. Tucker; 14. DeMara; 15. Pinney.

Sport Compacts – 1. Mahlberg; 2. Jackson; 3. Tank; 4. Bates; 5. McKee; 6. Bodlak; 7. Doug Rush; 8. Thompson; 9. Newsom; 10. Schultze; 11. Tim Cass; 12. Mohr; 13. Randy Cass; 14. Shan­non Mahlberg; 15. Bonine.