Winters Performance Products rewards IMCA Modified ROY, regional champions

YORK, Pa. – The national rookie of the year and champions of all five regions for IMCA Modifieds earn Winters Performance Products awards again in 2020.

The York, Pa., manufac­turer and six-year IMCA sponsor gives a quick change rear end to the top rookie driver in the division, and $100 product certificates to each regional champion. 

Those awards will be presented during the national banquet in November or mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office.

John Oliver Jr. earned national rookie honors in 2019. Regional champions were Bricen James, William Gould, Jordan Grabouski, Tom Berry Jr. and Matt Szecsodi. 

Information about the complete Winters product line is available at the website and by calling 717 764-9844.

“Winters Performance is a family-oriented organization just like IMCA, which is why this partnership works so well,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “I have enjoyed deepening our relationship this off-season and enter 2020 sharing the same optimism they do for a great year to come.”